NaNoWriMo – Organized Yet?


Fifteen days until NaNoWrimo – organized YET?

Pens/pencils, pads, journals, spiral notebooks, markers, post-it notes, paper clips, staples, stapler, tape, stickers, and calendar!

Oh, and what program are you typing in this year? WORD, Quoll, Novlr, Scrivener? Set it up, set it, up, set it up! There is nothing worse than saving a file…then losing it! Just like that, you have forgotten the file name and your ‘special shorthand abbreviation’, and no amount of searching your hard drive is helping. It’s gone forever.  I’ve worked between two laptops and a tablet, and I will see Bigfoot before I see some of my files again. Get your file folders labeled!

Now that I’m Scrivener ‘proficient’, I’m all about scene color coding. (Please notice, I did not say ‘expert’! Do not ask me questions!)

I’ve used Quoll, and it’s a sturdy little program. Doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Scrivener, but it gets the job done.

Anyone who works solely in WORD, may I visit your planet? I absolutely adore Microsoft Word, except when it comes to writing a manuscript!

No matter what program you’re using, paper and pen is a must! You’ll want to make changes, alterations, and substitutions along the way. Don’t do it – it will interrupt your word flow and slow you down. Now is not the time for editing. However, in thirty days when your brain is mush, you will not remember the big scene change, or mega plot twist. Take five seconds, write it down, and get back to your story!

I’ve done my prep. Fleshed out characters, tried to tighten up the plot, and have worked up my scene list to seventeen scenes.

Am I ready?


Why not?

Still don’t know if my project is a dark comedy, romantic suspense, or women’s fiction. My characters are all acting pretty shady, and as I look over my scene list…this thing could go in several directions. I just won’t know until November 1st.

Have you announced your book yet on Add me as a buddy – ‘Feleeza’

I’ll be back!

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Organized Yet?

  1. I use Liquid Story Binder (which I understand is very similar to Scrivener) for planning and Word for the actual writing… and I’m terrible at backing up 😦

    I also use a lot of tamplate. I don’t know why, I find using template a lot of fun and it often solves my problems 🙂

    No, I’m not ready yet. Most of October as gone by immerse in my day job. But I need to get my wits around me now!

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