“Maybe Baby: Special Edition” by Kim Golden #Review

41cvlw73bll“Maybe Baby: Special Edition (Maybe…)”

by Kim Golden

Women’s Fiction/Multicultural

Release Date: August 21, 2016


I can’t believe it’s been more than two years since I first met Laney Halliwell and Mads Rasmussen in Kim Golden’s Maybe Baby. I was instantly caught up in their story and sat up until 2 in the morning to finish the book – and then even emailed the author!  It is still one of my all time favorites, and just recently won yet another award! For a limited time, the special edition version containing Maybe Baby and Maybe Tonight (Mads’ POV) is #FREE – simply click on the Amazon link above and 1-click! Oh, and you’re welcome!


Maybe Baby

A Woman’s Awakening

Laney Halliwell tells Niklas Lundqvist, her boyfriend of five years, that she wants to have his child. He then hits her with the bombshell that he had a vasectomy before his divorce. Why didn’t she already know this? He claims he told her, but she is positive he did not.

So sets the stage for Maybe Baby – Laney wanting something that Niklas won’t…or cannot give her.

While a business professional, Laney’s sad childhood – her father walking away while her mother battled breast cancer, then telling Laney she was no longer his responsibility after her mother died – has her always in search of a place to fit into…to belong to…and to be loved. This is the ONLY reason I can find for her to continue to stay with Niklas. All people are not marriage minded, but for FIVE years, she’s helped him raise his two children from his first marriage. Or should I say she was part of the scenery. She speaks of their passion when they first met, the luxurious holidays and dinners, and never for lacking for anything; but I do not hear love or passion in Laney’s voice. She sounds “comfortable”. Returning to Sweden from their annual trip to the states, Laney tells Niklas she wants a baby, and he talks to her as though she a confused child. I was furious, but I was more pissed off at Laney for backing down…something she does quite a bit.

Subsequent “talks” end unsettled and with the “possibility” of looking into adoption when Laney returns from a business trip to Copenhagen. Niklas is unaware that after having lunch with her beloved cousin, Eddy, Laney has already made an appointment with a fertility clinic in Copenhagen…and this story just took it to the next level!

Laney feels guilty for not telling Niklas about the fertility clinic, but it does not stop her from keeping the appointment. After a lengthy interview with the client services specialist AKA Ida – she’s talked into staying for the “mingle”. Women/couples meet perspective sperm donors to see if they’re compatible match for the child they want to have. Weird. Poor guilt-ridden Laney – she might as well turn Niklas’ name into a chant. But, she still does not leave. I felt in her mind, she was building up Niklas and their relationship into something it obviously wasn’t anymore. And it worked for the most part…until Mads Rasmussen walked in. *Fanning*

After polite small talk and the requisite Q & A, these two are drawn together like magnets. They end up leaving and going back to her hotel for a night of hot sex that neither wanted to end. WAIT A MINUTE!! Laney, isn’t that what happened the night you met Niklas? Girlfriend, you have issues! Maybe she is just missing the “spark” she and Niklas used to have? Maybe she’s still MADly in love with him?

Um, no. Mads is as taken with her as she is with him, and their parting is bittersweet. She RELUCTANTLY went back to Stockholm…and Niklas. And here is where I wanted to shake Laney until her eyes rattled. I’m sure she cared for Niklas, but I think she fell out of love with him when he SLEPT WITH HIS EX-WIFE!! She’s been drifting ever since, putting up with his condescending nature, getting walked on by his rude children, and taking the smug smirks from Karolina, the ex. I agree with Eddy, Laney should have left Niklas as soon as he confessed. But, Laney herself said, after giving in on yet another argument – she would lose and be left with nothing. Uh, that includes self-respect, Laney! Her father walking away from her really did a number on her emotionally, but, that was the past. Time to put on the big girl panties.

Kim Golden really brings the drama and the angst. The admissions, denials, betrayals, and revelations just keep coming. And that dinner party is a hot mess! Mads grandmother, Alma, is adorable and oh, so wise! Cousin Eddy is cool, but carrying a large load of Samsonite of her own…maaaan! Niklas’ daughter, Siri – a great argument for retroactive abortion! The ex, Karolina – UGH! Laney kept it classy, but once…just once, I wished she would have walked with old girl…the old school way. Niklas is not a bad guy, just self-centered, self-righteous and patronizing. But only with Laney. His son Jesper seems lost. Mads Rasmussen seems a bit lost too. However, meeting Laney seems to bring him to life.

A fantastic read all around. I read it in one sitting, finishing at 2 in the morning! I’m positive you’ll enjoy it just as much!

(Maybe Baby was purchased from Amazon.com and read in August 2014.)

Maybe Tonight

Mad about Mads!

Mads’ POV in Maybe Tonight isn’t as linear as Laney’s in Maybe Baby, but it’s no less compelling.

Unlike some stories that simply give the male POV to the same events and situations as the female’s, Mads’ story is so much more personal.

Even before he meets Laney Halliwell, Mads’ frustration with his life is apparent. What was once a good idea – being a sperm donor for Copenhagen Cryo – is now something that fills Mads with dread. However, it’s during a Mingles event with perspective clients at the clinic that Mads and Laney connect. Mads instantly knows his life is forever changed that night.

The author doesn’t waste words on Mads’ emotions, but allows him to speak for himself. He doesn’t care for the secret, long distance affair he and Laney are having, but he doesn’t want to push. Still, it kills him a little inside every time she returns “home.” After unexpectedly meeting Niklas and seeing firsthand his treatment of Laney, Mads is more determined than ever to make Laney his and his alone.

Mads’ inner turmoil over his non-relationship with his father, and the death of his mother are also heartfelt and well-written. His feelings of inadequacy at not being able to give Laney the life of privilege she was used to tug at the heart. But, it’s new father Mads who falls in love with his premature daughter, and is already seeing more children in their future that wins the day for me.

Mads and Laney’s journey is definitely one all romance lovers should take. Two people, wanting something more, but not knowing what that ‘more’ is until they find it in each other.


(Maybe Tonight was first purchased from All Romance.com and read in January, 2015.)


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My Maybe Baby coffee mug!







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