“Broken” by Lisa Edward #Review


by Lisa Edward

Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 4, 2016

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4/5 Stars!

Evie is finally free of the suffocating marriage to a man who tried to make her into someone else, and never appreciated the true her. Adam is trying to regroup after finding out the woman he relocated thousands of miles to be with, doesn’t really love him, and his health is in jeopardy. Two broken people who end up neighbors on the same beach for eight weeks.

This couple didn’t really know what they were searching for until they found it in each other. Their relationship helps them grow as individuals, and as a couple. Evie’s love gives Adam the strength to deviate from his first plans, but he is hiding a secret from Evie, and he will leave her at the end of the eight weeks, only he does promise to come back…in ten months.

This read was both emotional and fun. Adam’s wit and sense of humor helped Evie to find her own inner smartass. He also helped her reclaim her writing voice with lots of “hands on” guidance. The brief appearances of both their exes is no surprise. Evie’s is handled beautifully, Adam’s…not so much…you know, because of his secret. I totally understood his reasons for keeping things from her – I just don’t agree with him…he should have told her.



Evie and Adam are very likable characters.

They have a good chemistry and you can’t help but want them together.


The story bogs down a bit at around seven and a half weeks. Too much telling – too many inner thoughts. I skimmed.

What transpires during their time apart is recounted through inner thoughts and conversations. Would have been nice to “see” some of it.


Very good read and I do recommend it. Don’t get stories often enough where a couple is solely focused on each other despite outside influences. There are uncertainties, and there are obstacles, but Evie and Adam are determined to be together.




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