“The Devil’s Bedpost” by Lena Hart #Review

the-devils-bedpost“The Devil’s Bedpost”

by Lena Hart

Romantic Suspense/Multicultural

Release Date: August 30, 2016

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4/5 Stars!


This take-no-prisoners romantic suspense pulls you in and holds you right up to the end. The organized crime element is up close and personal, and as determined as David is to not let it touch him, he’ll do anything to save the life of the woman he loves…so he does proceed to get his hands dirty.

This left me a ‘little’ perplexed and annoyed. If he was willing to do the one thing he said he’d never do, why couldn’t he AND Athena uphold their mutual agreement to be ‘open and honest’? Not saying it could, or would have changed the outcome…because crazy people were involved…but they could have avoided so much heartache. For as deep as their love is, it seemed altogether too easy for them to leave so many unsaid words between them. Yes, they were trying to “protect” each other, but everything came to the light anyway. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason never ends well. Anthony is proof of that. Glad Tena finally realized no one was responsible for Anthony except Anthony. Unfortunately, people we love make bad decisions.

Plenty of folks here to love-to-hate – Emily, Max, PRATT, and of course, Armond. I didn’t fault Armond for who he was, but he just enjoyed pulling his son into his world way too much. And the thing with Jessica? Whoa! Great plot twist! Sounds like she was a bit unhinged. An inherited trait, perhaps? Still wondering if Pratt believed David when he told him he’d done nothing wrong.

I’m sorry it took loss and lives on the line to give folks a much needed reality check, but in the end, it was good to see David and Tena get back to what really mattered. They may have a few bumps in the road ahead of them, but who doesn’t? At least they’re together.



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