“His Hostage: A Kidnap Romance” by Anna Adler #Review

His Hostage cover“His Hostage: A Kidnap Romance”

by Anna Adler

Erotic Romance

Release Date: July 15, 2016

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5/5 Stars!


Not at all what I expected – it was even better! The author nails this one – and not a hint of Stockholm Syndrome anywhere!

You cannot help but feel sorry for Evelyn ‘Evie’ Moorland after a couple of encounters with, and internal thoughts about her husband, Jack. And, you cannot help but wonder why she hasn’t left on the first thing smoking. (Choose an issue – guilt, shame, obligation, low self-esteem.) But when she walks in on a burglar who takes her with him to ensure his escape/safety, suddenly all she wants is to get back to…Jack. Ew.

Our kidnapper, Hal, takes Evie and supposedly is only going to keep her with him long enough to make his ‘delivery’. Hal isn’t running from the cops, but from Evie’s father-in-law’s henchman. In case you missed it, that was a CLUE!

Mutual animosity leads to mutual tolerance, which does lead to mutual feelings. Hal sees Evie for who she truly is, and he treats her better than the man she married. I loved Hal, and it was easy to misjudge him at first, but I was quickly in his corner! I’m not usually one for stories that hint at, or include cheating…but OMG! Wait until you meet Jack and find out their backstory!

When a turn of events finds Evie back home with Jack, you’re ready to fling the Kindle against the wall…or maybe that was just me. Her smug, Ken-doll husband is a bit too talkative and Evie soon finds out not only is she being treated like a mental patient, but she is being lied to.

In the first couple of chapters, it’s easy to dislike Evie. She’s like a sparrow ‘trapped’ in a gilded cage…but the door to the cage is open! A different type of woman would love the life Evie had and indulge accordingly. But Evie is not that woman. Although she wants a different life, Papa Ken-doll is always ready to admonish her for not being a grateful, ‘good’ wife to his son. That alone would have helped me find the exit.

Evie doesn’t have a high opinion of herself, and in the beginning, neither did I. But when she is tested…Evie Moorland is large and in charge, and sooo much smarter than her arrogant husband! My two favorite scenes are of Evie breaking out of the mold she’s allowed herself to be trapped in. Evie isn’t weak, Jack is. My only regret in this story is not being able to see Jack squirm…because he deserved it.

Clear your evening, pour a glass of wine, settle in with this read, and watch a woman find herself and true love…by being kidnapped!



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