“Adrian (The Dark Shadows #4)” by Ariel Marie #Review

adrian“Adrian (The Dark Shadows #4)”

by Ariel Marie

Erotic Vampire Romance

Release Date: October 1, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

4/5 Stars!

Finding fated mates is always a shock, and takes some thought, explanations, and time. Whatever. Adrian Olaru threw all of that out the window and claimed his mate. YES! There would be time to think about it…later.

Angelina Sanz was on board one hundred per cent, although her issues with low self-esteem got to be a bit annoying. I give her credit though, for being a survivor. Despite all she’d been through before being turned and after, she was still standing. I understand why the rogues looked down on her…because her nature was different from theirs, but what was up with Vivian and that, “She’s a nobody” line? She gets a virtual smack in the back of the head for that.

I’ve been with this series from the beginning and I know the characters and their backstories. That being said, the story bogged down in spots for me and seemed redundant – going over backstory points several times. (How many times do we need to know Bella’s (Teague’s mate) a demigoddess?) Even the ‘sneak peek’ into Nicu’s story is the backstory of the vampire/necromancer centuries old war. Perhaps the author wants each book to stand on its on outside of the series, so includes backstories in each volume to flesh out the current story. *Shrugs*

Always good to see other members of the Shadows and the royal family. While they’ve taken on the responsibility of keeping the vampire nation safe, this close knit group still has each other’s back when it comes to protecting their mates. I’m definitely on #TeamAlin! The Queen seems to be a woman for all situations. Warm and ready with wise counsel when needed, and out for blood when you get on her bad side…which the necromancers have done…again. She’s ready to end it once and for all – and I’m ready for Nicu’s story!

Another good installment to the Dark Shadow series.



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