“In The Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise #PreOrder #NewReleaseDate


Years ago, when my children, Havoc, Chaos and Mayhem were actually children…and cute, one of them gave me the pillow pictured above. I have no idea which one gave it to me, and they each swear they bought it. My daughter has the winning argument that the pillow came from her because her brothers are not that considerate. Round one to Lindsey (Mayhem).

Regardless, this pillow nails my current mood – I’m not happy, because it’s time to adult.

‘Adulting’ is annoying because it involves making decisions. Good or bad, when you’re the RESPONSIBLE party, the burden falls on your shoulders.

Today, I am the responsible party. (Scares me too!)

With LIFE attacking on all sides, I’ve lost focus on my book. Instead of making sure I’ve kept the flow consistent and satisfying, I’m focused on the deadline. Instead of making sure I’ve crossed all Ts and dotted all Is, I’m focused on the deadline. Instead ensuring I’ve electronically signed all Terms of Agreements with the powerful Internet publishing entities who will sell my book and pay me…something, I’m focused on the deadline.

The deadline of MY own choosing.

I chose the publish date (READ: deadline) of September 17th for my debut novel simply because it’s my 33rd wedding anniversary. And no, the book has nothing to do with me, weddings, anniversaries, or even September. It’s just easy to remember. Also, if the mister whined about going out to celebrate our anniversary, (I whine, too), no whining would be allowed about celebrating my ‘publiversary!’ We’re going out and that’s it!

But it wasn’t meant to be.

LIFE’s not going away, and must be dealt with, but I also will not publish a book I am not happy with. That being said, my publish date for “In The Best Interest of the Child”

ITBIOTC Full Cover

has been moved from September 17th to September 30th! I can now calmly go over everything with a focused eye instead of trying to multitask like a crazy person accomplishing nothing. AND, I’ve added a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to the mix – Pre-order links! (And the crowd goes wild!)

#Preorder #99cents #WomensFiction #Romance #Psychological #Multicultural

Releases 9.30.16

Preorder Links:
Amazon US – https://goo.gl/Un6phJ

Amazon UK – https://goo.gl/w1rSlp

Amazon CA – https://goo.gl/xJWb6g

Amazon AU – https://goo.gl/Q5BScN

Barnes & Noble – https://goo.gl/zuGgnH

Kobo – https://goo.gl/xROocn

Smashwords – http://goo.gl/jjA3oZ

(Price increases 10.1.16)

The mister was upset I changed the release date, but don’t feel bad for him. He knows now he’s on the line for TWO nights out every September!


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