#Review “Wanted (FBI Heat #3)” by Marissa Garner

wantedTitle: “Wanted (FBI Heat #3)”

Author: Marissa Garner

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: September 6, 2016

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4/5 Stars!

Dillon to the rescue!

A first rate cyber-terrorist thriller. The writing is on point. The flow was methodical and paced to keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat. This is the first book from the series, and by this author that I’ve read, but I’ve already added ‘Hunted’ and ‘Targeted’ to my TBR.

Dillon O’Malley is the perfectly flawed, emotionally stunted ‘hero’, who just happens to be an FBI agent. What’s not to love? Haunted by the endless stream of foster care homes that made up his childhood, and condemned by the love of his life leaving him at the altar without any explanation, Dillon considers himself unlovable, and immerses himself in his work. He relocates to a new city and new field office, establishes a new routine in his life, and pretty much goes through the motions for two years. That is until his runaway bride contacts him. She suspects something is not right at the nuclear plant where she works and no one is listening to her. Obviously, Dillon is going to help her, regardless of the beating his ego and emotions take. He even steps back into his former world of black hat ops – and things really get interesting! But, I figured out who Mr. Bad Guy was before it was revealed, and then it made sense that no physical description was ever given – would have been a dead giveaway once Shadow and Chaos figured out the threat origins.

My stumbling point in this story in Katriona MacKenzie. Obviously, Kat is intelligent…I guess. She is sharp enough to know control readings are not what they should be for a reactor that’s being decommissioned. Okay. When I learned why she left Dillon at the altar, she was dead to me. Her reason simply wasn’t compelling enough for all the turmoil and heartache she caused. And, at the very least, since she thought she was so smart and self-sacrificing, she should have told the man why she couldn’t marry him. The situation definitely couldn’t have been any more of a mess. All of the “wanting Dillon to be happy and live the life he wanted” smaltz never resonated with me. If she had stopped for half a second, she would have realized she was wrong for the very reason Dillon gives her near the end of the story. Meh. I couldn’t dislike her more if she were a Kardashian.

But, even though Kat and I will never be friends, I still enjoyed the story. It was good to see that even without all the dots connected in the beginning, Dillon still had the support of his fellow agents, and they always had his back. The story ends a bit abruptly. It would have been good to see Kat’s parents and Dillon make peace since they’d all been deceived. But Dillon gets his happy ending, and I’m okay with that.