#Review: “Emely’s Destiny (An Erotic Vampire Novella)” by Ariel Marie


Title: Emely’s Destiny
Author: Ariel Marie

Release Date: August 20, 2016

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3/5 Stars! 

While a good, quick read, this novella didn’t quite resonate with me on the same level as Summer’s Destiny. It actually felt like a re-do of Summer’s story, but without the punch. Summer inspired a king to lead his people to victory. Emely inspired…Norrix’ lust. And not saying that’s a bad thing. After being held captive for over two years and treated like a science experiment, Emely’s libido snapped back quickly and in high form. Her being the aggressor in mating with Norrix was a nice change.

But, that was the only time Emely showed any fire. To be fair, yes, she is dealing with the trauma caused by losing her entire family, and being held in captivity. Yet, and still, Emely is a vampire. I needed more anger from her, more of a thirst for revenge on Clayton. We hear of her family’s contributions before the human hunter attacks began, and we know what Queen Summer has requested of her. But I just don’t feel as though I know who Emely is – never got a good grasp on her personality because she was almost always IN a situation, or being rescued.

Good to see King Ryan suited up and ready for battle again. And Remus and Zeke? True warriors…and love their snark!

Looking forward to the next read in this series.



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