“A Most Demanding Mistress (Fashionably Impure Book 2)” by Natasha Blackthorne #Review


Title: “A Most Demanding Mistress (Fashionably Impure Book 2)”

Author: Natasha Blackthorne

Genre: Historical Romance/Gothic/Erotica

Release Date: April 22, 2016

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5/5 Stars!

Revelations! Epiphanies! Drama!

The first scene of the book is of a very distraught Miranda, and when I found out WHY she was distraught…I became distraught too! I thought at the end of book 1 they were…but then…and now…ugh! Nice plot twist! Well played, Ms. Blackthorne, well played!

Adrian is determined to keep Miranda for his mistress, and she wants to be with him, yet the silent battle of wills still lingers. At one point, she nearly leaves him after he makes a snap judgement. Adrian really is quite arrogant, but Miranda is equally as proud. But even in her pride, Miranda is afraid of losing Adrian. Judging him only by what she has seen in her young life…men tire of women and move on to the next one. She is afraid of losing herself in, and to Adrian, only to have him walk away. Miranda isn’t aware yet that he shares a similar fear – of losing himself in his love for her above all else – and bringing even more ruin to his family like his father before him. (And his father before him.)

The need of Adrian and Miranda to each be the dominant in their relationship was at times exhausting. And not dominant in a BDSM-type of way, but more so, controlling. Still not fully trusting enough to allow their hearts to lead, the struggle even extends to the bedroom. Especially the bedroom…where Adrian usually wins.

Had they only had themselves to contend with, they probably would have defeated their personal demons much sooner, but then…that would have been a far shorter story. While meddling Aunt Cassandra is temporarily on the back burner, Adrian’s sister-in-law, Dorothy Chadwick (whom I’ll now refer to as Crazy Dorothy) is front and center to show her moral indignation and disgust at Adrian’s choice of Miranda. But Crazy Dorothy is not quite the long-suffering, supportive aunt and former lover than she would have us believe. (She’s not really happy about that “former lover” part, either.) Her behind the scenes involvement in Adrian and Miranda’s affair rushes in from far left field and brings an entire new element of suspense to this story! Kudos to the author!

The mysterious Baron Stephen Drake again shows up with the answers Adrian needs. How does Drake do it? The Earl of Ruel says Drake is dangerous, and he’s probably right, but I LIKE Baron Drake. You always need someone in your corner who will do whatever it takes to resolve a situation. (HA!) And with the Duke of Winterton pulling the strings, “whatever” takes on an ominous meaning.

Even with the never ending machinations of others, Adrian and Miranda continue to grow closer, and share their souls’ pain. Despite his near penniless standing, Adrian proposes marriage, and Miranda readily accepts, eager to truly be with the love of her life. Adrian loves her as deeply, but is also determined to protect her from her father…Winterton. And just where is Winterton? I need book 3 now!


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