#Review: “Bad Boys After Dark: Mick” by Melissa Foster

Fashion portrait of beautiful young lovers

Title: “Bad Boys After Dark: Mick”

Author: Melissa Foster

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 22, 2016

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3/5 Stars!

Definitely a cute story, but would have worked better for me as a full-on romantic comedy. Perhaps more humor would have made up for the lack of chemistry I felt between Amanda and Mick.

She’s obviously an intelligent, young woman, but I couldn’t take Amanda seriously because of…that book…because SHE was so SERIOUS about it. The tips and instructions she kept repeating in her head were just silly. And her reasons for buying the book were just as silly. The synopsis spoke of Amanda doing “research” to attract a different type of man. Gimme a break. I can get behind trying new things/making different choices, but the whole idea was just, again…silly. OMG, She. Wore. A. Wig! Geeze. I don’t blame or fault her for wanting the type of love her sister had found, but the whole pursuit to ‘Release Her Inner Temptress’ was the wrong way to go about it, AND was never going to amount to anything since…you know…SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER BOSS!

Mick – saint by day and sinner by night, carrying too much emotional baggage for too long. His back story is truly a heartbreaking one, but I couldn’t accept that it was dire enough to mold his entire life around. Life hurts. Life sucks. But, we get over it and move on…or find a good therapist. He’s in love with his paralegal, but…doesn’t believe in love because…it doesn’t last. Okay. *Shrugging*

That whole weekend of instruction and sex? Meh. Although it did serve as a time for shared personal information and revelations, the level of passive-aggressiveness from them both was maddening. That shower scene? No. Was lost on me. Out of all their smexy times together, for me, the shower scene was the worst. Just no passion…at least not to me.

The ending made it all worth it for me, though. I’m a total fan of grand romantic gestures, and Mick manned up nicely.

The story is well written and flows nicely. I cannot say the characters are not well developed, I’m just still not sure of who they were supposed to be. Not trying to be facetious, but FOR ME, the characters and story needed to be edgier, or as I said in the beginning…a straight romantic comedy.

However, I do recommend this book. I’ve read several books by this author, and will probably read more.



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