#Review: “Savage Seduction: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires Book 3)” by Ellis Leigh

Savage Seduction

“Savage Seduction: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires Book 3)”

Author: Ellis Leigh

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: July 12, 2016

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5/5 Stars!


That moment when you have so much you want to say, you can’t say anything. Okay, moment gone! WOW! Definitely never saw any of this coming!

Things aren’t looking good for Mammon. After more than two years investigating a new, small pack involved in what he is sure is criminal activity, Mammon has no proof of anything. Even worse, he’s being ordered off the fruitless investigation by none other than NALB President, Blasius Zenne, himself. He only has two weeks to find some kind of proof, or move on to his assigned official business…or face disciplinary action.

Not one too fond of rules, Mammon grudgingly agrees to comply. Determined to find evidence against his targets, Mammon becomes more proactive…and double talks his way into a gathering at the pack alpha’s residence. Not sure of what he’s looking for, he expects to see the alpha and his pack members. He doesn’t expect to see his fated mate standing next to the alpha.

And then things get interesting.

Despite the powerful pull of the mating haze, Mammon is convinced the Fates have totally screwed up this time. Bez and Levi may have found their mates, but there’s no way HIS mate stands with a man Mammon considers his enemy, pack alpha, Finn O’Rourke.

But, looks are deceiving and there is more to his fated mate, Charmeine Byrne, than meets the eye. There’s even more to the man Mammon assumes she’s with. All it takes is a little bit of trust for everyone to get on the same page.

However, trust is in short supply…for everyone. Family, friends, alliances. The past that Charmeine and Finn share with their pack doesn’t give them much reason to trust anyone. Yet, Finn extends an olive branch to Mammon, hoping Charmeine will stop trying to resist the call to mate…at some point. But Charmeine’s a hard nut to crack. Her trust issues run deeper than even she realized. She’s not ready to trust Mammon, and isn’t sure if she ever will be, but she does let down her guard enough for Mammon to get his hands on her…and most definitely vice versa! Slowly, she does establish an easy enough “friendship” with Mammon, spending more and more time together, with…and without clothes. Her ‘filthy beast’ is growing on her, and she’s very close to the line of trust, but unable to cross. She does allow Mammon access into her life though, and he finds out his mate is a tortured, but impressive Omega, like Sariel and Amy, mates to Bez and Levi. Mammon comes to understand Charmeine (and Finn) and the life they’ve lived, and he’s determined, assisted by his Dire brothers, to eliminate the threat to them once and for all. Unfortunately, too late he realizes that an equally dangerous threat is right in their midst, and trusted by his mate.

To say this series keeps getting better and better is putting it mildly. The author is so adept at the story-build, that even though the reader is ready for anything, the author can still make them sit up and say, “Whaaaaaaaat????” There’s a scene…Dires at an airstrip…in triangle formation. I was like, “This is some next-level, paranormal, sit-on-the-edge-of your-seat, Kindle-gripping ISH!” Because it’s who they’re standing against that blew me away! Who do you cheer for if you love everybody? Fortunately, a temporary meeting of the minds diffused the situation. But we do get to see the Dires in battle (c’mon, it’s an Ellis Leigh story – there WILL be a battle! LOL!). It’s enough they’re the biggest and baddest of all shifters, but now they’re also pissed off. Loved it!

These are flawed characters with STRONG personalities. It is a plus they know their flaws, and while they may not readily admit them, they don’t deny them either. My heart broke a bit for Mammon. To believe you’re on the hunt for criminals, and find the mate you never expected right in their midst…and she denies you…well, it made me dislike Charmeine instantly. LOL! But, I should have known better because I’ve never disliked a lead female in any of this author’s books. As you learn Charmeine’s back story, you find more tragedy and loss than any one person should ever have to deal with. She has not only survived, but she’s determined to protect and help her pack survive, always putting their needs ahead of her own. Even when backed into a corner in an impossible situation, she does not back down or cry and surrender. She feels her mate and his brothers close by, but she wants her pack family saved at all costs. There’s no way you can do anything but admire that type of strength!

The Dires are forces to be reckoned with one-on-one, together…it’s just madness! LOL! Even newly mated Bez shows up! Scroll up, 1-click and join the madness!


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