#Review “Deep in You (The Phoenix Series Book 1)” by David S. Scott

Deep in You

Title: “Deep in You (The Phoenix Series Book 1)”

Author: David S. Scott

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 28, 2016

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3/5 Stars

I feel as though I’m in that universe where I received a different book from everyone else.

As ‘hook up’ stories go, DIY more than satisfies. But it was lost on me as a romance. I never felt any chemistry between Xander and Lily. Friends with benefits? Sure. But when it came to true emotions and feelings, to me it felt forced. I can’t identify one place where there was a real flow of feelings other than lust.

They both had agendas, Lily’s just isn’t found out until later. Xander’s a horndog and not looking for anything permanent. No problem. He admits it and is unapologetic about it. No problem – admire his honesty. But when he begins to not want Lily to leave, and to want to see her again, his internal thoughts seem as though he’s trying to talk himself into it. He can’t define what he wants from Lily, or why he wants her. Normally, I would call that the beginnings of love. But his thoughts and his attitude flip like pancakes. I re-read some sections to try and get a bead on his direction. Couldn’t do it. Does he love her? I don’t know. Other than the sex, he mentions her laugh and the fact she said ‘No’ to him more than anything else. Mmmkay.

Lily. Still haven’t figured her out. A tabloid reporter? She didn’t exhibit the personality for that. Well, except for at times with Xander. Some may call it feisty and sassy, but for me, it came off as childish. It’s okay to be confrontational, inquisitive or accusatory – but she always did it with such attitude and at the wrong times. Even when Xander meets her to inform her of Amara’s betrayal, he barely gets his mouth open before she’s accuses him AGAIN of wanting Amara. Take Two – Xander tells her he saw Amara with Mr. Retirement Fund. Lily gets angry and accuses him of leaving Amara in danger. *Facepalm* Take Three – Xander tells her Amara was behind the incident at the club. Lily doesn’t believe him. *Throws hands up in the air* Lily was just too all over the place for me. The fact Lily was willing to overlook the situation with Amara and remain roommates with her was very telling. Bad behavior surrounded her. Perhaps if Lily had used the same attitude she used with Xander with EVERYONE else in the front row of her life, her situation wouldn’t be so dire.

I was starting to feel a little positive about the young couple, but then Lily delivers not one, but two bombshells…right after sex. Of course, Xander runs. True, it was a LOT to mentally digest, but still. Where were the adults? It only got worse for me when Lily tells Xander she SAW him fall…and Turned. Off. Her. Phone. She had no idea how badly he may or may not have been injured, and she couldn’t be bothered to find out. Yes, he walked away. Total jerk move. But when the one you love is injured, love is supposed to eclipse any and all other emotions. Nope. Nada. Not for Lily.

Xander’s idea was the wrong one too, for all the reasons that went through his mind earlier and more. Love is hard and a lot of work and can be messy, but you KNOW when you’re with someone who is worth the effort. I’m just not convinced Xander and Lily should have been more than a one-night stand.

I received an ARC of ‘Deep in You’ as part of a promotional blog tour in exchange for an honest review, but I have downloaded book 2 through Kindle Unlimited. I want to see if Xander and Lily can change my mind.

What say you?

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