“Kiss of Leather MM, Cedar Falls #13” by Shea Balik #BlogTour #Excerpt18+

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sb-cf-kissofleather-fullTitle: “Kiss of Leather MM, Cedar Falls #13”

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: MMRomance, Gay

Release Date: July 20, 2016

Bookstrand           Goodreads


Adult Excerpt 18+:

Dinner had been far more strained than Axl had hoped. Eddie might have agreed to give Axl’s way a try, but he clearly was uncomfortable with it. When Axl ordered for Eddie, he thought Eddie just might get up and walk out.

It got so awkward Axl seriously considered not opening the car door for Eddie just to make him relax. The thing was, Axl just knew if Eddie would give the lifestyle Axl wanted a chance, he’d love it.

For all of Eddie’s objections, Axl had noticed Eddie’s soft smile each time Axl had treated him like the treasure he was. It was only when Eddie’s brain started to take over that the man would frown and become stiff as a board.

But as unusual as this night had been, Axl still didn’t want it to end. “Would you like to visit my store? It’s not exactly finished, but I’d still like you to see it.” The weird thing was, Axl did want Eddie to see it. He wanted Eddie’s opinion before things got to the point they couldn’t be undone.

“Sure.” The smile Eddie gave him was a reward Axl hadn’t expected and was thrilled that he’d gotten. Things had been much too strained this evening. Maybe, if he could get Eddie to relax a bit, the night might still be salvaged.

Not that Axl would call it a total loss. The few times Eddie had let his guard down during dinner had shown Axl glimpses into the man’s personality. Eddie was funny, although he seemed too worried about making a fool of himself to talk much. With time, Axl hoped to help Eddie feel easier in his skin and not worry about what others thought.

Since it was dark, Axl parked in front of his shop instead of in the back parking lot like he normally did. Pride filled him when Eddie waited in the truck for Axl to open the door. Eddie may not be sure yet if this type of relationship was what he wanted, but at least he was giving it a chance.

That Eddie took the hand he held out without being asked was just icing on the cake. Feeling he deserved a reward, the moment Eddie’s feet touched the ground, Axl tugged him close and leaned down to capture that sweet mouth.

Just like it always seemed to happen, the moment their lips touched a firestorm raced through Axl’s veins straight down to his dick. It was all he could do not to take Eddie right there up against the truck in the middle of Main Street.

Never in Axl’s life had he ever felt such an intense desire for another. There was a clawing need to make Eddie his in the most carnal ways possible. A need that Axl was having a hard time controlling.

His hands went to that perfect ass and grabbed on, squeezing the globes even as he slammed their bodies until he could feel the hard ridge of Eddie’s cock pressed against him. Eddie thrust his body into Axl’s, trying to get more friction. Shoving one leg between Eddie’s, Axl let him ride his thigh.

A loud motor roared to life nearby, reminding Axl they were standing next to his truck that was parked right on Main Street. Reluctantly, he pulled back. He couldn’t help but smile when Eddie whined in dismay.

He hated having to put an end to the heart-stopping kiss, but it helped that Eddie clearly felt the same. Maybe, if he played his cards right, they could continue where they left off inside. Now that there were walls, there was measure of privacy. “Why don’t we head inside?”

Taking Eddie’s hand, Axl pulled him along to the door. He cursed when his hand shook so hard he couldn’t get the key in. Taking a breath to steady himself, Axl sent up a thankful prayer when the key slid in.

As soon as the door shut, Axl flipped the lock and led Eddie to the room that would eventually display his BDSM work. Right now it didn’t look like much and smelled of paint. He and Brent managed to get all the walls sanded and primed. Tomorrow morning Axl would head to the paint store and pick out what colors he wanted.

Not wasting any time, he took Eddie back into his arms. Fusing their lips together, Axl coaxed Eddie’s tongue into his mouth and sucked lightly on the appendage. Axl swallowed down the moan that Eddie pushed into the kiss.

Need took over. With Eddie not only having never experienced BDSM before, but also being a virgin, Axl knew he was going to need to go slowly. As much as he wanted to bury himself deep into that round ass, Axl wasn’t about to let Eddie’s first time be rushed.

The man deserved to be taken care of properly. But that didn’t mean Axl couldn’t show him a taste of what was to come.


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