#Review: “Bring Your Own Baker (Death By Cupcake Book 2)” by D.E. Haggerty

BYOBCV-640x1024Title: “Bring Your Own Baker (Death by Cupcake Book 2)”

Author: D.E. Haggerty

Genre: Cozy/Mystery, General Humour

Release Date: June 20, 2016

3/5 Stars

Still #TeamAnna

Not quite the book I was anticipating so this review is difficult to write. I cheered for Anna in book 1. While I’m still in her corner, she had me rolling my eyes far too many times. Anna seemed a bit watered down to me…not as fiery and spunky. To be fair, finding a bloody, dead body can wreak havoc on anyone’s psyche. If it’s someone you actually knew – call the guys in white coats. Which, she’ll probably need anyway, because other than explaining how she happened to find Arthur’s body to Dumb and Dumber, she never truly talked about it…to anyone. Yet, her many recollections of ‘All. That. Blood.’, coupled with the fact that she blacked out clearly indicates she was traumatized.

It seems as though Anna and Callie did a role reversal. Now Callie was the investigator instigator ready to rush out and follow up on leads, only she wasn’t as good at it as Anna, and not nearly as funny. (Okay, I focus on humor…sue me!) Still puzzled by Kristie. Half the time she seemed afraid of her own shadow, and the other half, she just seemed…bored.

Ben was adorable, as always. Logan was extremely likable, if a bit too ‘handsy’ right after meeting Anna. Kind of felt bad for Logan when the few times we did see flashes of ‘badass’ Anna, it was usually directed at him. The whole “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” routine didn’t work for me when all Logan had to do was kiss Anna…or speak…or breathe, and she was putty in his hands. *Glaring at typical Romance Heroine Behavior*

But the two things I truly didn’t connect with were:

1) Anna’s determination to ‘get justice for Arthur.’ Yes, Anna and Arthur were ‘friends’ from college and he did help her get through a ComPro class; and yes, he did also assist with Callie’s situation; and yes, Anna was even his part-time accountant, but I just never felt there a strong, go-to-the-ends-of the-earth-for-you, ride-or-die type of bond between the two of them. When Callie was in trouble, of course Anna was front and center…they’re not just besties, but as close as sisters. Anna and Arthur didn’t FEEL like anything more than casual acquaintances.


2) This was a SERIOUSLY dangerous ‘investigation.’ Granted, any unsolved murder means a killer is walking around free, but I physically cringed every time the female sleuths set off to follow up on a lead. They were entering a world where murder was a daily solution to a problem. These are smart women who took too lightly the danger they were dealing with. Not smart. At times, it felt like a game to them. Then at others, it felt as though they’re doing it simply because the MEN had TOLD them not to. And after telling them to stay away from the case, Logan allows Anna to don her disguise and takes her to a card party for leads. Really?

I still like these characters and the way they flow together. You can feel they truly care about each other. The good-natured, light, sometimes sarcastic banter doesn’t usually miss the mark. Personally, the bakery-inspired euphemisms and constant references to all things pink and pixie were beginning to make me weary. But Logan’s nickname for Anna was a cute addition.

I do recommend “Bring Your Own Baker.” FOR ME, it’s not as strong as book one, but I am still #TeamAnna!


I received an ARC-copy of “Bring Your Own Baker” as part of a blog tour promotion in exchange for an honest review.

#Review: “Scarlet” by Aria Cole


Title: “Scarlet”

Author: Aria Cole

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 8, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

3/5 Stars


Based on the cover photo and synopsis (and the story itself), I was expecting this modern day mashup of “Little Red Riding Hood”  to not necessarily be darker, but grittier. While Scarlet was the wide-eyed ingénue personified, Beau was just too clownish for me to take seriously. All the references to the “darkness” of his past just didn’t pan out once revealed. His inner thoughts ran the gauntlet from juvenile to oversexed frat boy. I just couldn’t connect to him and never felt he was solid.

Loved Gran. Cagey, old thing! She may have been sick, but she was also the only character who truly knew what was going on…because she orchestrated the whole thing! Go, Gran!

I give ‘Scarlet’ three stars, because while it was a good effort, for me, it just missed the mark.

I was given an ARC-copy of ‘Scarlet’ as part of a promotional blog tour in exchange for an honest review.