#WIPWednesday: Meet Rosalind Jenkins from “In The Best Interest of the Child”


Rosalind Jenkins never planned to be a social worker. It was extremely ironic that she ended up in the Department of Children’s Services since children were the reason her marriage ended, and the love of her life walked away. Or rather, the lack of children. What she first believed was a small case of stomach flu ended up being cervical cancer. Six days later, she had no womb and no chance to ever have children of her own. Her husband told her it didn’t matter. They would adopt, or simply spend their life together loving and cherishing each other.

Less than a year later he was gone, saying he’d fallen in love with a woman who wanted children as much as he did.

Of course, Rosalind dealt with depression. But she maintained her composure. She lived a solitary life, still teaching voice at a small, exclusive girl’s academy. However, just 10 ½ short months later, after hearing that her former husband and his new wife had just become parents, Rosalind broke. Unable to function and carry out her duties, the girl’s academy had to let her go.

Rosalind stayed locked away in her home for three months. Her sadness and depression festering…growing into anger and bitterness. Exhausting her savings, Rosalind knew she needed to find a job or sell her house. Calling an old friend from college for job leads, she was instead given the contact information for a manager with the Department of Children’s Services. Her friend assured Rosalind that with her degrees and years of experience, she would definitely be offered a position and above entry-level pay.

And she was.

Rosalind performed well at her new job, and her supervisors were pleased. Her reports were always complete and filed on time. But Rosalind was not good at her job. She lacked the empathy and compassion essential to help children who were as broken as she was, and to educate and assist parents in bettering their situations to maintain a safe loving home for their children. Instead, Rosalind loathed the parents for being able to have children so easily, then carelessly and recklessly make them a part of recurring domestic violence situations, drug addictions, and keeping them in dilapidated housing where frequently, there was no utilities.

And the children? Rosalind detested them for even being born. More often than not…right or wrong, Rosalind Jenkins removed more children from their homes than anyone else in the department. For the next twelve years, the irreparably broken and bitter case manager did nothing else but her job. Rosalind made no friends and lost touch with the few she’d had. She didn’t have a pet, or even a television. Spurred on by the always smoldering rage deep inside her, Rosalind poured over case files and department policies, seeking new ways to separate families and keep them apart.

It was this unbalanced, spiteful woman who walked into the hospital room of a barely conscious ten-year-old Livvie Chandler. Four days after losing her father, and while her mother still remained in a coma, Rosalind Jenkins would forever change the course of the little girl’s life.

Rosalind Doria (Chesney) Jenkins

Age: 62

DOB: December 9, 1952

Place of Birth: Lynn Woods, Massachusetts

Divorced, no children

Level 5 Social Worker/Case Manager with Minnesota DCS

“Dead Weight (BWWM Romance)” by Stacy Deanne


Title: “Dead Weight (BWWM Romance)”

Author: Stacy Deanne

Release Date: June 28, 2016



While running from her dangerous lover, Jade ends up stranded in her hometown of Paris Lane, Texas when local thugs rob her after her BMW breaks down. Because Denny was very close to Jade’s late grandmother, he offers Jade a place to stay until her car gets fixed. Jade instantly bonds with Denny’s simple-minded sister Lucy while developing a deep attraction for Denny. Though he tries to ignore it, Denny feels the same way but knows Jade is hiding the real reason she came back to town and pushes her for the truth.

Jade wants to be with Denny, but can she escape her dangerous past to begin life with a new love?

Dead Weight


“Denny had no right treating you that way through dinner.” Jade and Hawk sat on the porch. “He’s being obnoxious.”

“I’m not worried about Denny.” He rested his arm behind her chair, stretching his legs out. “He doesn’t like me and the feeling is mutual.”

“But he’s such a…ooh.”

Lucy emerged from the darkness with tears in her eyes.
“Lucy?” Jade stood. “Are you okay?”

“No.” She stomped onto the porch and yanked the door open. “Men are creeps!” She went inside, slamming the door.

“Whoa.” Hawk blew a deep breath. “Wonder what’s wrong with her?”

Jade stared into the darkness, wondering if it had something to do with Brock. “What were we talking about?”

“Denny,” he grumbled.

“I don’t get him.” She sat back, huffing. “One moment he can be kinda sweet and the next he’s an asshole. He walks around all day with his lip poked out as if the world owes him something. Why is he like that?”

He caressed her hand. “I don’t know but—”

“He thinks he can do anything he wants because I’m staying in his house.”

“What do you mean?”

“He went in my purse. Can you believe that?”

“Why would he go in your purse?”

“Because he can’t stand not being in control of the situation.” She shivered. “He makes me so uptight. I walk on egg shells just so I won’t piss him off.”
Hawk let go of her hand, exhaling.

“Like with Lucy’s art. She has this huge opportunity, but he wants to control every damn thing. He’s so selfish.”

Hawk scratched his head. “Jade—”
“It’s difficult living with him believe me.” She crossed her legs and bounced her foot. “He snores so loud you can hear him from down the hall.” She scrunched up her face. “And he smacks when he eats.”


“And he’s always getting on Lucy about keeping the house cleaned yet he leaves his dirty work boots anywhere he wants. Oh.” She slapped her thighs. “And sometimes he drinks out of the juice container. Isn’t that the grossest thing?”
Hawk rolled his eyes back in his head.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I think I’m gonna go.”


“Because all you’ve talked about is Denny since we came out here. Is something going on between you two?”

“Me and Denny?” She guffawed. “Hell no.” Then she remembered the kiss they almost had and her hunger to try again. “Why would you say something like that? I hardly know the guy.”

“You’re talking about his habits so you’ve been paying attention to him.”

“There’s nothing going on between Denny and I except we get on each other’s nerves.”



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“Until the Bell Rings: A MMA Fighter Romance” by Roxy Wilson


Title: “Until The Bell Rings: A MMA Fighter Romance”

Author: Roxy Wilson

Genre: Action-Adventure/Humor/Multicultural

Release Date: June 21, 2016



Riley Dern is exactly the kind of man I need to avoid.

I’m a youth social worker — helping my clients stay on the right path is what’s important.

Not some bad-boy, hot-as-sin MMA fighter.

I am not falling for him.
I’m not.



I fight so I can pay off my brother’s loan sharks.

And yeah, some of those matches are the underground type.

It never mattered before, but Zahra makes me want to clean up my act.

She makes me want a lot of things.

I’ve got one last fight to face.
Am I the kind of man who’ll take a fall for his brother’s sake?

And if I am, will Zahra forgive me?


Until the Bell Rings is a full-length bad boy/MMA fighter romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending. Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

BONUS content is also included.



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“The Misadventures of Catie Bloom” by Brooke Stanton #BlogTour


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Catie Bloom Kindle Cover

Book Title: The Misadventures of Catie Bloom
Author: Brooke Stanton
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 12, 2016
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book blurb

Catie Bloom has it all.

A gorgeous husband, cooking skills to rival Julia Child, a wildly successful column for Simply Chic magazine, and The New York Times just labeled her the younger, hipper Martha Stewart for the next generation.

Except, it’s all a lie.

No husband. She can’t cook. She can’t even organize her underwear drawer.

It all comes to a head when Catie’s boss invites a TV crew into her home to film a homecoming special featuring the latest media darling—panty-dropping Max Euston, a travel journalist whose latest assignment left him wounded, recovering from amnesia, and a national hero. Now Catie needs to learn to cook, fake being a Domestic Goddess, and find a husband in less than a week. And it all needs to seamlessly come together while being filmed on national TV.

A story about realizing who you are through self-deception, love, heartbreak, and, finally, self-discovery.


The thing is, my whole life is built on a lie. No, a lot of lies.

Lie Number One: I can cook.

It all started out so small. When I first began my lifestyle and interior design blog, Blooming in the City, I wanted to post some recipes along with my design tips. I asked my sister, Natalie, who was in culinary school at the time, for some original dishes, and she happily provided them. At the time, no one read my blog except my mom and her friends, so what did it matter. Right?

Then The Huffington Post picked up one of my posts—“10 Design Hacks I Wish I’d Done When I Was Twenty-One”and suddenly my blog blew up. My new exposure led me to a chance meeting with Patrick Simon, now my editor at Simply Chic, and two weeks later, I was hired at the magazine.

Lie Number Two: I’m a Domestic Goddess.

Give me a blank room and I can throw beautiful paint on the walls, fill it with chic furniture that dazzles the eye, and transform it into a masterpiece of modern design. Ask me to maintain it, clean it, and keep it organized—as I expertly advise my readers every month—and I fail every time.

Lie Number Three: I have a husband.

Okay, this one is easy to explain. I falt-out lied.


My life is a lie teaser-6

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meet the author

After her own misadventures in New York City, LA, and London, Brooke Stanton now lives in sunny South Florida. She’s an award-winning author who has contributed to Natural Awakenings Magazine, wrote a column for Examiner.com (The Santa Monica Community Examiner), and is the author of The Bloom Sisters series. Visit her website and blog at brookestantonbooks.com.

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