“One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars (The Devil’s Own #1)” by Amo Jones #CoverReveal






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I was four years old when I learnt what evilness the world could bring. I fought through life with my scarred soul, wrangled through the dark empty nights where I’d pray I didn’t wake up the next morning. I would shut my eyes and mentally take myself to my happy place.

Red roses

The sound of waves crashing on the sand under my feet.

The final time the cold blade pushed up against my thigh, and I waited for my blood to trickle over the other One hundred and thirty-six scars that covered my skin— never came. Who was this man who just saved me? He had no idea how close I came to ending myself that day. I was ready to blow my brains all over the bedroom walls and I had a nine sitting under my pillow to prove it.


Some people have families, I had engineered human killing machines surrounding me my whole life. I’d been a part of this unit since I was a baby, raised in a community that was shut off from the real world. A community where we were nothing but empty vessels, until Hella (my best friend) and I escaped. Hella took us to a girl who was in foster care with him before he was summoned into The Army. After finding out yet another complication in my life, I needed space. I booked in to a run down apartment, ready to clear my head. Only my head didn’t clear, because I was haunted every night from the screams that would vibrate through my walls.

This is not a story of a perfect man coming in to save the day. This is a story of what happens when fate interferes and two completely broken souls collide.

*Potential triggers lie within this book.

** This book is gritty and contains dark content.


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Grab book 2 in the series

Hellraiser (The Devil’s Own #2)

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About Amo

Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar.

When she’s not creating magic, you can usually find her relaxing in front of the television watching the latest episode of Supernatural or Vikings. (This will be updated as she finds new television shows with hot actors.)

She’s the proud mother of four little critters who are the reason she breathes, but also the reason she drinks.

She’s the wife-to-be to the love of her life. She says wife-to-be because she scares him a little, and he still hasn’t decided whether he wants to wed her or not. Such an exciting relationship.

She loves meeting new people and believes the world needs more kindness.

Social Media Links

Website – http://amojonesauthor.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/amojonesauthor

Twitter – https://twitter.com/authorAmojones

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14047384.Amo_Jones

Recommended Read: Leveling The Field by Megan Erickson

Great IR recommendation!

Musings of A Romance Junkie


Happy Saturday!

Real talk: Whenever I read a romance featuring a black heroine and written by a non-black person, I brace myself because I never know what I’m going to get. Am I going to get a stereotype or a caricature of how this writer perceives black women or does this writer know a black woman intimately and asked questions because as much as we’re all the same, we’re also different in many, many ways, from our ideals, views on society, and our culture, of course. And I’m saying all this to say: Megan Erickson did the damn thang in Leveling The Field!

Lissa Kingsman is everything in a young black woman that I wish we all were: proud of who she was as a black woman, living carefree in the skin she was born in, turning her passions into her profession, and owning her sexuality to the…

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“White Noise (Unexpected #2)” by Ann Grech

White Noise Banner


White Noise by Ann Grech

Series: Unexpected #2

Genre: M/M Erotic Romance, LGBT

Release Date: JULY 28th



White Noise Cover



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ReefAndFord LIVE teaser


Everything he didn’t know he wanted, and now couldn’t live without…

Paramedic and mountain rescuer Stratford ‘Ford’ Wallace fell hard and fast for pro-snowboarder, Reef Reid. For a ‘straight’ guy, falling in love with a dude was not what he expected, but his explosive attraction to Reef is undeniable. Neither of them have uttered those three little words yet, but Ford knows Reef feels the same. At least, he thinks he does.

Reef is smashing his pre-season training at Fernie, the idyllic Canadian snow resort, getting wicked air and landing what could be season-winning jumps. What’s even better is that his man is with him. Going home to Ford every night is what Reef always dreamed of— his very own happily ever after.

Knowing they’re ready, they take the next step in their relationship— meeting the parents. But when tragedy strikes on the slopes, can Ford push through the painful memories and be what Reef needs?

Ford will sacrifice himself, literally putting both his heart and his life on the line, to protect his man. But will it all be for nothing when Reef is presented with an offer that’s too good to refuse?


About White Noise ~ A Goodreads Review (in part) by Zetti

“I am running out of ways to explain how much I’m in love with it. I could read these two forever and not be bored of them. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this book at all.”

Meet Reef and Ford in Whiteout

Unexpected #1




The moment you get all you ever wanted.

Pro-snowboarder, Reef Reid, has it all, except the one thing he desperately wants: the girl, the white picket fence and the happily ever after. At the peak of his career, he turns his back on the upcoming season and flies to a tropical island paradise to defrost.

At least that’s where he was supposed to go.

A ticketing mishap has him ending up in Queenstown, New Zealand, famous for its idyllic ski resorts.

Stratford ‘Ford’ Wallace understands attraction to the opposite sex. He’s a true playboy at heart after all; a genuine love ‘em and leave ‘em type. But all that is flipped on its head when the enigmatic Reef Reid literally drops out of the sky.

When a whiteout trapped them together on a mountaintop neither expected the explosive attraction that would spark between them. They’re unable to resist each other, but will they give into temptation? Or will the avalanche that tears through the mountain end them?

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Author Bio

By day Ann Grech lives in the corporate world and can be found sitting behind a desk typing away at reports and papers or lecturing to a room full of students. With her quirky glasses and shiny leather briefcase, she has the librarian look nailed. All laced up tight in her pencil skirts and killer heels, her students can only fantasise about what she gets up to in her spare time. If only they could see those tattoos! Oh, and those notepads of story ideas tucked away in odd places that would be sure to have them fanning themselves!

By night she’s a wife and mum and a purveyor of saucy stories that are filled with lust, raunchy scenes and ultimately love. Ann’s an avid reader of anything sexy and firmly believes in the motto ‘leave mummy alone, she’s reading or writing.’ Because of that, she is pretty hopeless when it comes to getting dinner on the table on time or cleaning the house.

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Shea Balik interviews Kiss of Leather’s Eddie Wollard…and gets cake! #BlogTour

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sb-cf-kissofleather-fullTitle: “Kiss of Leather MM, Cedar Falls #13”

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: MMRomance, Gay

Release Date: July 20, 2016

Bookstrand           Goodreads


I felt like I was floating as I once more walked down Main Street to meet with Eddie at Thick and Creamy for our interview. July is my birthday month. Yes, I celebrate the entire month long, and the opportunity to go back to Cedar Falls was the best present I could have ever asked for.

I chuckle as I pass each storefront, loving their names. They were all there, Doggie Style, Kiss of Leather, which just opened, High and Tight, Nice ‘N Rosy, not to mention all the shops across the street.

Finally, I reached Thick and Creamy. Opening the door, I nearly jumped out of my skin when a cry of, “Happy Birthday,” greeted me.

Tears sprang to my eyes as I saw all the characters that have become a part of my life were there with joy shining from their faces. I had to brace myself when Jesse launched himself into my arms for a fierce hug that left me unable to breathe as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Happy birthday, Shea,” Jesse said as he started bouncing just enough to force me to jump with him. “I can’t believe you’re here in time for us to celebrate your birthday.”

I knew Jesse had more enthusiasm than an excitable puppy but I’ve never gotten to see it firsthand. It was…intense and made me want to dance with abandon. I tilted my head back and laughed out loud, not caring what anyone thought of my uncoordinated moves.

But these men were family. They would never leave me to make a fool out of myself alone. The country music that had been playing in the background was turned up and the men joined right in while taking turns to hug me.

By the end of the song, Zane brought out a cake with enough candles to be considered a forest fire. A round of Happy Birthday was sung, with Jesse, Vail and Ethan easily heard above the others as they practically screamed the tune.

“Was it necessary to put all those candles on the cake?” I asked. Eyeing the flames, I knew I was never going to get them all blown out in one breath. There were just too many of them.

Jesse nodded enthusiastically. “Yes it was.” Then he waved a hand toward me as if dismissing my obvious dismay of having to face my age so glaringly. “Age is just a number, sweetie. You’re only as old as you feel.”

“Says the not-even-thirty-year-old,” I mumbled.

“Come on,” Vail said as he took my hand and brought me closer to the cake. “You need to blow these out before the whole place starts on fire,” he joked.

Seeing my glare, Vail stopped laughing, sort of. “Come on, honey. We’ll all help.”

“Don’t forget to make a wish,” Jesse called out. “And make sure it’s a good one, like you are inspired to write a whole other book about Parker and I.”

“Me,” Ryder corrected.

Jesse blinked at Ryder. “What?”

“You should have said Parker and me,” Ryder explained.

Jesse frowned. “Why would I want Shea to write a book about you and Parker?”

“No,” Ryder started to say then shook his head. “Never mind. It doesn’t matter.”

“If it doesn’t matter, why did you bring it up?” Jesse asked.

As the two bickered, all I could see was the wax of the candles dripping on top of the cake as they melted at an alarming rate. “Guys,” I said. “Can we blow out these candles before I have nothing to blow out?”

Just like a puppy, once a new stimulus was added, Jesse forgot all about the argument with Ryder. “Did you decide on a wish?” His eyes were dancing with merriment as he started to bounce. “Do I get another book where Parker and I fuck our brains out?”

There was a lot of laughter and several groans that followed that. But Parker stepped up to Jesse’s back and enfolded his husband in a hug. “Is this her wish or yours, angel?”

Jesse looked over his shoulder at Parker. “Why can’t it be both?”

“Sorry Jesse, but there are too many other characters who haven’t had their stories told, clamoring in my head.” I hated to see Jesse’s smile dim so I added. “But I promise to write you a second story as soon as I have time.” Which, with as many characters as there are chattering in my head, might be years, but Jesse didn’t need to know that.

Closing my eyes, I made my wish.

When I opened them, I counted to three. I, along with men who have shared their lives with me, blew out all of those candles in just one try. “See,” Vail said with a smirk. “I told you, you could do it.” Then he slapped the handle of a knife in my hand. “Now make a wish on the first cut so we can eat.”

I have had many wonderful and amazing birthdays, including my niece being born on my birthday, but never had I been so touched by what these men did for me. Living inside my own head made it more difficult to make friends, so to have these men go out of their way to throw me this party meant a lot.

Eating my cake, chocolate with white buttercream frosting, I made my way over to the man I was there to meet, Eddie. Just off to the side, as if he was still a bit nervous to be a part of the group, Eddie stood with his boyfriend, Axl, by his side feeding Eddie his cake.

The pair was so sweet together, I almost hated to interrupt, but I needed to interview Eddie before it was time for me to go. A glance at my phone to find I only had a few minutes left, spurred me to approach Eddie and Axl.

“Eddie, Axl. It’s good to see the two of you have managed to find a way to get past your hang-ups so you can be together.” I had feared that wouldn’t happen as I had written Kiss of Leather. The two just hadn’t seemed like they’d be able to get out of their own heads long enough to see they were perfect together.

Pink infused Eddie’s cheeks as Axl chuckled and said, “Me too.” He placed a kiss to Eddie’s lips. His gaze heated as he repeated, “Me too.”

“I hate to do this, but I don’t have much time before I need to go and I still need to interview Eddie. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?” I asked.

Eddie straightened, his head bobbing up and down. “Of course. I’m sorry, I completely forgot you have to go soon. Ask away.”

SHEA: When I wrote Will’s story, most of his clumsiness faded away after he met Taden. Has the same thing happened for you?

EDDIE: Blushed furiously and glanced toward the floor as if he didn’t want to answer.

AXL: Eddie is amazing in all he does. If he has a few accidents now and then, it only makes him that much more endearing.

SHEA: I hated that I’d made Eddie so uncomfortable. Had I known he was still having issues, I wouldn’t have asked. Reaching out, I placed my hand on his arm. I’m sorry Eddie. I didn’t mean to bring up a bad subject.

EDDIE: Shrugged. It’s okay. I just wish I wasn’t always dropping things or, you know, tripping over air.

JESSE: Are you kidding? Jesse didn’t have any problem interrupting the interview. This man is up for Cedar Falls Man of the Year for all he’s managed to do to Betty Sue and the Mayor. I even tried to have a parade in his honor but Eddie refused.

EDDIE: Turned such a bright shade of red, I wondered if he would combust.

AXL: Jesse, this is Will’s interview. He agreed to this party for Shea’s sake, but only so long as you gave him privacy for the interview.

JESSE: Scowling. I was just trying to make sure Shea knew how proud we are of Eddie and wouldn’t want him to change anything about himself.

EDDIE: Smiled at Jesse. Thank you, Jesse. The two hugged before Jesse went back over to the party.

SHEA: You were uncomfortable in the beginning hanging out with the other men here. Do you still feel that way?

EDDIE: He smiled brightly. No. Those guys have become my best friends. Especially Will. We hang out all the time.

AXL: A rumble that sounded an awful lot like a growl came from Axl. They also get Eddie into trouble with their antics.

EDDIE: His grin grew bigger. They do at that. But it’s worth every spanking. Eddies eyes widened as he suddenly realized what he’d said in front of me. I mean…

AXL Chuckling. I think Shea understands exactly what you mean, baby.

SHEA: The alarm on my phone went off signaling it was time to wrap this up. Damn, I’m almost out of time. Let me ask one more question. Have you had any contact with your Uncle Ira recently?

JESSE: Laughing hysterically, he came up and threw his arm around my shoulders. Are…you…kidding? Jesse had trouble being understood around the laughter. His uncle came in just two days ago and…

AXL: Jesse. The warning in Axl’s voice would have made the devil pause, but not Jesse.

JESSE: As if Axl hadn’t said a word, Jesse continued. By the time Uncle Ira left he was covered in a mix of hot fudge and whipped cream with a jar of cherries. Jesse’s laughter had him bending over to catch his breath. I was here and saw every bit of it, and still can’t begin to explain how Eddie had managed it. He slapped his thigh. I’m telling you, this guy is going to get voted as Man of the Year.

By then the rest of the group was joining in on the laughter, even Eddie. It was good to see Eddie being able to laugh at his clumsiness without always running away. We all have those moments after all. Learning to laugh at them and move on makes life so much easier.

My second alarm went off.

“Sorry, guys, but I need to go if I’m going to make my flight home.” I hated having to leave. One day I was going to spend the night in Cedar Falls, just so I could spend more time with these men, whom I’ve come to love.

Hugs, waves and tears were all given before I managed to get out of Thick and Creamy and walk to my car. As I drove out of town, I smiled at the voices in my head, all begging for their stories to be told. I may not be able to stay in Cedar Falls for long, but I would be back. The characters demanded it.

~ Stalk the Author – Shea Balik ~









Shea’s “Kiss of Leather” Scavenger Hunt runs through July 31st. Join the event and join the hunt for a chance at over a dozen prizes that include ebooks, ice cream gift cards, and the items pictured below! https://www.facebook.com/events/1587424421563469/

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“Pure Torture, An Oblivion on Tour Novel, #3” by Tania Sparks #ReleaseBlitz


release day blitz

PT Book Cover

Book Title: Pure Torture
Author: Tania Sparks
Genre: Rock Star Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2016
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book blurb

Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion.

Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years.

When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts.

She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility.

He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates – he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her!

But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

Warning: This story contains hot rock stars, sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex, booze and rock and roll. Pure Torture contains graphic sex scenes and is strictly 18+ only.
This novel is Book 3 in the ‘Oblivion On Tour’ series. Each book in the series follows a different band member and tells the story of the women that steal their hearts. Pure Torture can be read as a stand-alone but you might also want to check out Heaven Sent (Book 1) and Bolt From The Blue (Book 2).


What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister?

We’re all sitting around, drinking our beers. I’m slouched down on one of the armchairs that I’ve claimed as my own. I’m still twirling my drumsticks and tapping away on my legs and the surrounding furniture. I’m a couple or three beers in when I hear the door to the suite open. I glance across to see Nikki, our rhythm guitarist and his girl Trixie strolling in jovially, Nikki’s arm is draped over her shoulder and she’s securely tucked into his side.

I lift my head and somberly greet them, “Hey.”

Nikki bobs his head in acknowledgement and Trixie waves her hand to say hi. I expect them to close the door but instead the most stunning girl on the fucking planet glides in behind them. She has smooth jet black hair that flows down her back and it’s so long it reaches her ass. She’s tall, probably almost as tall as me and her body rocks. She’s slim, but has nicely rounded hips and amazing tits. Her emerald green eyes are sparkling boldly as she scans the room confidently. I immediately jump up from my chair, drop my drumsticks to the floor and feel an undeniable rousing in my pants. Hell, maybe my day won’t be so bad after all. I feel better already!

The other guys all stand up too. Fuck off cock-suckers, she’s mine.

I take a step forward as the raven haired beauty suddenly shrieks in an oddly familiar voice, “Oh my god, hi guys, I’ve missed y’all so much!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck! My muddled brain suddenly clicks and makes the connection as I realize that the hottie that has my body vibrating like a god-damned amplifier is Kitty, Nikki’s little sister. Holy Crap! Somebody turns the music down and everyone starts walking towards Kitty. My heart is beating so damned loud that I’m sure the whole room can hear it.

What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister? I remember her as being a sweet little girl that we used to tease and let hang around the band. She’d bring us beers and dote over all of us, but especially me. Sure, she’s always been pretty and downright cute, but I’ve never thought of her as the unmistakable sex kitten she is now. She’s definitely grown up and she’s a complete and utter babe. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything I find totally irresistible in a chick. I want!

Shit, maybe I’ve had more to drink than I thought, but I definitely shouldn’t be thinking this way about Nikki’s little sister and I don’t know how to handle these sudden irrefutable cravings. My hand twitches and strums anxiously on my leg as the adrenaline courses through me and makes me want to jump around like a fuckin’ crazy person.


PT Teaser - This Is Pure Torture

PT Teaser - Nobody Needs To Know


meet the author

Tania Sparks is a romantic at heart who genuinely believes in true love and soul mates. She met her husband while still at school, she was sixteen, he was seventeen. They are high school sweethearts who more than twenty five years later are still very much in love and are happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Tania does have a full time job, but in her spare minutes enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading. She’s an avid reader who tends to chomp through a large volume of books, mainly in the romance genre. Her other major ‘hobby’ is writing steamy rock star erotic romances!

In 2014, after finding herself constantly being inspired by numerous romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing. After penning her first scene she discovered that she enjoyed it immensely and so resolved to continue with the rest of the story that was swirling in her imagination. That story resulted in her first novel, Heaven Sent which is the first book in her Oblivion on Tour Series. This was soon followed by Bolt From The Blue and Pure Torture. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story which follows a different band member from a hard rock group called Oblivion – and of course the feisty ladies that steal their hearts! The other books in the series are at various stages of completion.

Now-a-days Tania finds it very difficult to control her imagination and swears that her rock stars are constantly chanting their stories in her head. She can’t wait to share them with you.

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#Review: “Bad Boys After Dark: Mick” by Melissa Foster

Fashion portrait of beautiful young lovers

Title: “Bad Boys After Dark: Mick”

Author: Melissa Foster

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 22, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

3/5 Stars!

Definitely a cute story, but would have worked better for me as a full-on romantic comedy. Perhaps more humor would have made up for the lack of chemistry I felt between Amanda and Mick.

She’s obviously an intelligent, young woman, but I couldn’t take Amanda seriously because of…that book…because SHE was so SERIOUS about it. The tips and instructions she kept repeating in her head were just silly. And her reasons for buying the book were just as silly. The synopsis spoke of Amanda doing “research” to attract a different type of man. Gimme a break. I can get behind trying new things/making different choices, but the whole idea was just, again…silly. OMG, She. Wore. A. Wig! Geeze. I don’t blame or fault her for wanting the type of love her sister had found, but the whole pursuit to ‘Release Her Inner Temptress’ was the wrong way to go about it, AND was never going to amount to anything since…you know…SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER BOSS!

Mick – saint by day and sinner by night, carrying too much emotional baggage for too long. His back story is truly a heartbreaking one, but I couldn’t accept that it was dire enough to mold his entire life around. Life hurts. Life sucks. But, we get over it and move on…or find a good therapist. He’s in love with his paralegal, but…doesn’t believe in love because…it doesn’t last. Okay. *Shrugging*

That whole weekend of instruction and sex? Meh. Although it did serve as a time for shared personal information and revelations, the level of passive-aggressiveness from them both was maddening. That shower scene? No. Was lost on me. Out of all their smexy times together, for me, the shower scene was the worst. Just no passion…at least not to me.

The ending made it all worth it for me, though. I’m a total fan of grand romantic gestures, and Mick manned up nicely.

The story is well written and flows nicely. I cannot say the characters are not well developed, I’m just still not sure of who they were supposed to be. Not trying to be facetious, but FOR ME, the characters and story needed to be edgier, or as I said in the beginning…a straight romantic comedy.

However, I do recommend this book. I’ve read several books by this author, and will probably read more.



#Review: “Desire: An Island Affair Book 1: The First Glimpse” by Lilly Lavoy

Desire An Island AffairTitle: “Desire: An Island Love Affair: Book 1: The First Glimpse”

Author: Lilly Lavoy

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Release Date: July 4, 2016

Amazon          Goodreads

3/5 Stars

Everyone loves the thought of getting away, leaving all your issues at home and just having some fun. While I definitely have no problem with the whole “go on vacation and let your hair down” idea, I had problems with Lisa before she even left the country.

She’s a contradiction of herself. She met her last loser boyfriend, who had drained her “emotionally and financially”, online. So where does she seek out dates? Online. After three dates, she stopped calling David because he was boring, and began seeing Steve, and ends up with Jeopardy and spaghetti every evening. That’s not boring??? LOL! Add to that, the sex with Steve is less than stellar, and I’m wondering why there was even a relationship with Steve. Oh. She’s thirty-five and stressed by the tick-tock of her biological clock.

While being thirty-five doesn’t make someone automatically mature and responsible, Lisa presented more as someone 18-21, wanting and searching. She mentions she travels quite a bit for her job (but never says what that job is), but she doesn’t come off as someone with that type of class or sophistication.

When Lisa’s sister, Maria, and her friend, Michelle, both recently divorced, plan a weekend getaway to Jamaica, Maria wants Lisa to join them. Lisa is not feeling their single-girl whims, and feels she should stay home with Steve…and Jeopardy and spaghetti…but goes anyway. Maybe not the worst decision, but her attitude about it was half-hearted at best.

Their entire time in Jamaica just didn’t work for me. Assuming Maria and Michelle are also in their thirties, these were three middle-aged broads just looking for trouble! Lisa claims the two divorcees acted as though they were trying to relive, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, but she was just as bad.

The introduction of Charles was an interesting mystery. While Lisa couldn’t keep her eyes off him, for the most part, Charles ignored her. Nice little kick to the ego. Then all the adults disappeared when Lisa asked Greg to ask Charles to escort her to the ladies’ room. Wait, what? It only got worse for me the next day when Charles asked Greg to ask Lisa to go have ice cream with him. KEPLUNK! I need my grown-ass folks to act like grown-ass folks. (And they never went for ice cream.)

As they venture out for a night at the club (strip club), a pit stop is made at Charles’ place where only Lisa goes inside…and he asked her to iron his shirt. Who. Does. That? Lisa declines, but stands there while Charles irons the shirt…drooling over his naked chest. Once he’s done, Charles escorts her back to the others waiting in the car, then gets in his truck and drives off. *BLINK*

The whole club scene was typical of folks on vacay, letting loose. I had no problem even when Charles’ finally showed up. Or when he took Lisa to a room in the back…after acting like a jerk. (And they have never actually had a conversation.) Or when they got down and dirty. (Didn’t hear the word ‘condom’ mentioned though.) But, hey…caught up the moment, I guess. However, what he asked for afterwards is what floored me. And this ditzy broad agrees! I wanted to smack them both. What about Steve? And Jeopardy? And spaghetti?

The story itself would benefit greatly from editing…for grammar and continuity. That shirt Lisa refused to iron? First, Charles was ironing it, then Lisa was ironing it, then Charles was ironing it again! I had to re-read it a few times to make sure I wasn’t ironing it.

Going to be interesting to see if these folks can rebound with a reality check…and some credibility.


“A Moment of Truth (A Matter of Trust #2)” by QT Ruby #ExcerptReveal


A Moment Of Truth Excerpt Reveal.jpg

Coming August 5th

Add to your Goodreads shelf now.


Catch up with A Matter of Trust (Book #1)

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  

AP new - synopsis.jpg

She’s out of her rut, out of her sweatpants, and out on the town.

Claire Parelli has been liberated!

Back to living it up in the Big Apple with her best friends, Claire embarks upon her dream career during the day, and steams up her nights with Daniel Chase, a.k.a. Mr. Beautiful, Hollywood’s hottest leading man. Life is simply perfect.

But for how long?

Claire knows all too well that fairy tales just don’t exist, even if she does have Fairy Slutmothers on her side. Real-life comes with real problems that don’t simply vanish with a quick flick of the wand. So this time around Claire discovers that it isn’t just a matter of trust—it’ll be a moment of truth.


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He stops and turns to me, smirking. “Listen, it’s important we don’t overexert your heart at your advanced age. I mean, thirty—the year of the pacemaker.” He shimmies on his boxer-briefs and reaches into his bag for something, while I throw on a T-shirt. He takes out a very thin, rectangular gift, and I’m wondering what kind of gift certificate this must be. Manicure? Massage? I give him a quizzical look. He smiles playfully in return. “It’s not a cane.” He laughs, and for a second I’m hypnotized by his rippled abs flexing from laughter, not to mention his hair is a sexy, wild mess. Good God.

Truth 1

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Ruby’s thoughts are everywhere. To harness the madness, she gave her loudest characters a playground to frolic in. Q.T. Ruby invites you to come play too!

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“Kiss of Leather MM, Cedar Falls #13” by Shea Balik #BlogTour

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sb-cf-kissofleather-fullTitle: “Kiss of Leather MM, Cedar Falls #13”

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: MMRomance, Gay

Release Date: July 20, 2016

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He had to be hallucinating. Didn’t he? Nothing else made sense. At the door, with a dozen yellow daisies in his hand, was Axl, staring right at Eddie with an intensity that Eddie swore he could feel, like a caress.

Goosebumps broke out over his skin. Then again, that could be because he was bent over the freezer like an idiot with scoop in hand, partially buried in the strawberry ice cream. He’d been in that position since he’d looked up to find Axl standing there. By the slight amusement in Axl’s dark brown eyes, it had been a few minutes.

The cold he’d been feeling was replaced by the heat of embarrassment at being caught staring so blatantly. It took far more effort than it should have for Eddie to continue scooping out the ice cream for the banana split.

Had he realized his brain wouldn’t be able to work with Axl around, Eddie wouldn’t have wished so hard that the man show up. That wasn’t true. As weird as it sounds, he’d missed Axl the moment he’d left yesterday.

It had taken everything inside of him not to chase Axl down Main Street just to be near him again. Something Eddie couldn’t remember ever feeling for anyone in his life. Then again, he’d never actually dated, or even kissed.

Once when he’d been desperate to know what being with a man was like, he’d gone to a gay bar in Atlanta. A man had taken an interest, but they hadn’t even exchanged more than a dozen words before the guy had taken him into the bathroom.

Kissing hadn’t happened, or foreplay. Eddie had been shoved down to his knees and a cock had been shoved into his mouth. One of the dozen words had been used to tell him to “suck.” As soon as the guy had come, he’d zipped his pants up and left Eddie still kneeling on the ground.

Embarrassed and bitter that he hadn’t gotten off, Eddie went back home. Just like with the rest of his life, Eddie figured he was too big of a loser for anyone to want to have sex with him. So he never bothered to try again.

Once he had a scoop of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate arranged around the banana, Eddie turned to go back to the back counter where the sauces were kept. It had only been two days, yet he’d still managed to once more forget he couldn’t spin on the anti-slip mats.

He felt himself falling. Wildly, he looked around for something to hold onto. He prayed he could stop his free-fall, but he’d turned just enough that he couldn’t grab the ice cream case, yet not far enough to have any hope of reaching the back counter to stop his fall.

Dismayed that Axl would witness his disgrace, Eddie wished for a hole to open up and swallow him whole. Life just sucked and Eddie was done trying to live it, not when he seemed hell bent on making a laughing stock of himself.

His momentum downward was suddenly stopped by strong hands on his shoulders. Grateful, Eddie looked up to thank whoever had stopped his ultimate journey of disgrace to the floor, only to find dark brown eyes staring back at him with concern in them.

“Are you okay, Eddie?” Axl asked.

It was too much. How was he supposed to live in a world that treated him like a joke? What did you expect? That voice so similar to his uncle said in his head. You are a joke.

“Hey,” Axl’s deep voice silenced that voice that knew just how to torment Eddie.

Surprised, Eddie stared up at Axl in wonder. He’d tried his entire life to get that voice to shut up, but nothing had ever worked. “How did you do that?” he asked.

Eddie hadn’t thought it possible. Yet the voice that would usually continue to berate him wasn’t there.

“Do what?” Axl asked.

Eddie opened his mouth to tell Axl, but then he realized he was about to admit to voices in his head talking to him. Quickly, he shut his mouth once more. It would only end with him in the mental institution, just where his uncle had threatened to send Eddie if he didn’t get his head out of his ass and act like a normal person. His uncle’s words, not Eddie’s.

“Nothing,” he said.

“Excuse me, are you planning to make my banana split?” the man Eddie had been waiting on asked.

Heat filled his face, a routine event for Eddie. “Yes. Give me just a minute and I’ll have it ready for you.”

As he headed to the back counter to get another container for the banana split that was now on the floor, Eddie could have sworn he heard the customer mumble, “Clumsy idiot.”

Mortified, tears sprang to Eddie’s eyes. Blindly, he reached out for the plastic boat they made the banana splits in when he heard what sounded like a growl. Except, that was impossible. Wasn’t it?

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