#Review: “Savage Surrender: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires Book 1)” by Ellis Leigh

Savage Surrender“Savage Surrender: A Dire Wolves Mission (The Devil’s Dires Book 1”

by Ellis Leigh

Release Date: May 10, 2016

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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5/5 Stars!

Bez Delivers!

There are several good book series out there about the paranormal world of wolf shifters. However, Ellis Leigh’s elements of strength, commitment, and dominance, wrapped up in a nice dose of vulnerability, for me, stand out from the rest.

In Leigh’s latest series, we meet the Dire Wolves – the Ancients…thought to be extinct by most. The Dires are the biggest, baddest, meanest breed of wolf shifter, and seven men remain, having spent millennia fighting side by side. They are a pack unto themselves.

Book 1 is Bez’s (Beelzebub) story. Someone is kidnapping pack Omegas – rare and powerful female shifters, going as far as decimating entire packs to do it. Called in by Blasius ‘Blaze’ Zenne, NALB (National Association of the Lycan Brotherhood) president to find the latest taken Omega – The teenager, Angelita, the methodical, relentless Bez is already formulating his plan before he leaves the president’s residence. Things go pretty much the way Bez intended…until he arrives at the location where the young Omega is being held and finds not one but TWO captive Omegas. One look at the second Omega, Sariel, and the mating call kicks in. Bez is thrown off his game. Dire Wolves have been alone and unmated for hundreds of years – so long in fact, they figured there were NO mates for them. Now face to face with Sariel, he cannot…and will not ignore the mating call. He’s still intent on his objective – rescuing the young Omega – but there is no way he’s leaving his fated mate behind to an almost certain death once they find Angelita gone. Will Bez compromise his mission? Will it cost him his life and the lives of two Omegas, one his destined mate?

The tension is high in this story, because Bez’s actions do change the direction of his mission. He is literally torn between fulfilling the mating ritual and claiming his mate, and staying focused on keeping Angelita…and his mate…alive. Can a Dire wolf do both? Especially when his mate feels the call as strongly as he does?

Loved, loved, loved Sariel! Even while she was being held captive alone, her mind was on thoughts of escape. She was tired and weak, but not too weak to pretend to respect and obey her nefarious captors. When Angelita is captured and brought to the cell, Sariel instantly goes into protect and nurture mode. Although Sariel is an Omega, I felt she would be a strong female even if that were not the case. Her instincts were usually on point. Are they from the Omega, the shifter, or the woman? I do not know. But it’s these same instincts that make her aware of the missteps Bez makes. He’s not supposed to be saving her – she’s not a part of the mission. But Sariel also feels the calls to mate. Is it just the way of their nature, or can there really be something between her and the big, scary, violent dude? She’s more than ready to find out!

Bez has backup on the way, but the baddies are closing in and they have a secret weapon – a nasty old werewolf that eats Omegas! Bez may have to make a stand on his own – but he hasn’t lived hundreds of years to fail at a mission, or to lose the mate he never knew he needed.

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