“Collar Me Foxy: Dark Day Isle, The Ultimate Kink Resort” by A.C. Melody – #ReleaseBlitz #Review

Tessa Fauns has but one dream: To move to France and never leave.
So when she’s offered the chance to get enough money while putting her bilingual skills to use, how can she possibly say no?
The fact that it requires her to join a select group of Club Vitalz submissives for a week-long kinkfest in paradise, is just icing!
Unless, it’s too good to be true…
Despite all of her experience in the BDSM lifestyle, Tessa isn’t prepared for the extravagant activities their mysterious host has planned – nor the clash of unexpected emotions her temporary new Dom awakens inside of her.
Can a lifelong dream be enough to keep this little fox on her leash, or will the truth behind her Master’s desires have Tessa rethinking her place on Dark Day Isle, altogether?
Felicia’s Review
4/5 Stars!

Tessa Fauns believes she’s killing two birds with one stone – indulging in her submissive kink side, and acquiring a substantial amount of money to aid in her dream of living and studying in France – when she agrees to take part in an exclusive BDSM retreat for one week. Of course, things are never as easy as they sound.

Mildly overwhelmed from the start, her anxiety only increases as she finds out submissives will be auctioned off to the highest bidders for the week, definitely a new experience for Tessa. She is thrown for a loop at the amount paid for her at the auction, but pleased when she finds out the highest bidder, Sir Felix, is a handsome man she caught a brief glimpse of when taking the auction stage.

Being ignorant of all things BDSM-related, I focused in on the amount of trust needed to enter into a power exchange agreement. I admired Tessa for her honest internal thoughts. She reveled in her submissive nature and readily admitted that it had “freed” her, giving her the confidence to deal with life on her own. This same confidence also keeps her focused. Her master was attractive, but was he a good Dom or a bad Dom? (Sorry! Could not resist that!) Fortunately for Tessa, while Sir Felix wants her to do things with him she’s never experienced before, he isn’t cruel and their level of kink seem to match.
Of course, this is ROMANTIC erotica, so while the experiences Sir Felix share are highly sensual (and pretty hot and well-written), good old emotions start popping into the mix. Tessa has to repeatedly caution herself to not get caught in the trap so many subs do and develop feelings for Sir Felix. Even when she believes she might actually be getting the same vibe from him, she mentally tries to shake it off. Awaking in the middle of the night to hear bits and pieces of a conversation between Sir Felix and kink-week facilitator, Sir Louis, Tessa sinks into inner-emotional turmoil, and she believes the only way to save herself is to end her agreement with Sir Felix.

And then it ended…just like that. And I was like, “What? Wait! Who? What? UGH!” *Deep breaths* Yes, there is a cliffhanger warning, but I thought I’d be looking over the edge, not literally HANGING from it!

The author has done a great job of building intensity and interest. Although a short read, characters are developed and do not feel like strangers. I liked Tessa and Felix both, and am already in their corner for an HEA beyond the end of kink-week.

Can’t believe I’m actually doing this, but yes, I am wholeheartedly recommending a cliffhanger! (Stop laughing!) The sensuality is off the charts, but there is also mystery and underlying secrets that will make you keep reading.



“All you need are books to read, music to hear, coffee to consume and gargoyles to watch your back.”
A.C. Melody is a published author of Erotic Romance, covering the sub-genres of Paranormal, Fantasy, Futuristic, BDSM and Contemporary. A lifetime lover of Fairytales, Myths, Legends and ancient pantheons, she always tries to include a little whimsy and humor into all of her novels, no matter how dark. Her greatest joy is unraveling all of the raw layers of her characters and providing the perfect stages in which their voices can be heard by readers. Terrible at keeping things simple, she struggles most with word-count limits, therefore writes a lot of series. Spending more time researching than writing, A.C.’s biggest goal is to provide new, captivating angles on old, favorite tales with very naughty twists and characters that redefine preset expectations. 
“Heroes are easy to flesh out. There’s already a universally accepted template in place for them. I would much rather create a villain that seduces the heart and mind with his shoddy attempts at rightness; that you can’t help rooting for, despite his appearance to be a genuine lost cause.”
A.C. Melody loves interacting with her fans and fellow authors. She can be reached at a_c_melody@outlook.com or on any of the following media sites:

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