Review: “Claiming His Prize (Feral Breed Followings #2)” by Ellis Leigh

Claiming His Prize

“Claiming His Prize (Feral Breed Followings #2)” by Ellis Leigh

Paranormal Romance

Released: March 15, 2016

5/5 Stars!

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“Claiming His Prize” IS a Prize!

Each time I read an Ellis Leigh ‘Feral Breed’ book, I proclaim it the best ever and my brand new favorite. No reason to change the routine this late in the game! “Claiming His Prize”…this book…this book is EVERYTHING!

A grumpy dragon shifter and a determined doc engage in a battle of wills, and a battle for survival. But this isn’t your typical “fated mates eventually” tale.

MMA fighter Piers/Tidal is interested, but Doc Jane is off limits. If for no other reason than the terms of her “employment.” The infatuated couple have a moment or two, but to keep her father safe, Jane knows she has no future with Piers. She has no future at all, except for keeping fighters patched up and in the ring for slimy wolf shifter and club owner, Mick. He’s really a hard to character to take. To have been good friends with Jane’s father for so many years, only to end up being a parasitic douche bag with control over Jane’s life.

However, Jane comes face to face with an evil darker than she’d ever imagined, and it claims her as its mate. While Jane may have resigned herself to a life in service to Mick, she would rather die than be claimed by a deranged shifter. As her time grows short, Jane is desperate to get away.

She ends up “partially” confiding in Piers, and this leads to, IMHO, one of the best scenes of the book. This one short scene has open communication, compassion, TRUST and vulnerability! Even though she’s unable to tell him why she needs to know, Piers lowers his guard and gives Jane the information she requested. It is something no shifter, especially a dragon, would ever voice to anyone – his weakness. This is very telling of the level of trust Piers has in Jane. There is no commitment or bond between them, and she could very well use the information against him. It also shows how deeply he has come to care for Jane. He can tell something is wrong, and if he can’t keep her safe, he will give her the means to protect herself. Excellent!

This author is one of a handful I’ve read who delivers female characters of substance. She doesn’t tell us who they are, she shows us. In Jane, we have a heroine who actually deserves the title. She is witty and smart…and she has strength! She’s accepted her lot in life to keep her father safe, but that does not make her a pushover. When backed into a corner, she pushes back. Even against opponents she has no chance of besting, Jane fights. Piers wants to protect her, and she knows he will come for her if he can, but Jane does not wait for him. If she has to die, she will do it fighting. There is a scene where Jane grabs an acetylene torch that I just had to stop reading and cheer! Go, Jane!

This is a short read that is long on details. The author’s world building is on point as myths and truths of dragon lore are brought to light. Characters are well developed and extremely likable, except for the villains, who will make even the kindest heart wish bad curses upon them.

I LOVE my Feral Breed wolf shifters – but Piers is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Team him up with Jane…and you just don’t stand a chance.


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