Review – “Princess (The Dark Shadows Book 1)”


“Princess (The Dark Shadows Book 1)”

by Ariel Marie

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4/5 Stars!

Kudos for “Princess!”

I’m a fan of paranormal stories, but usually am cautious about those that include vampires, thanks to Wesley Snipes and all those “Blade” movies. Blood and gore much? *Shudders*

However, “Princess”, IMHO, takes another approach.

Yes, there is violence. After more than fifty years, the Necromancers are back with a vengeance…and must be dealt with. Yes, there is sex, but it isn’t pointless or gratuitous. (And it’s pretty hot! LOL!) But, for me…”Princess” is about relationships. Friend to friend. Sibling to Sibling. Sibling to Parent. Parent to Parent/King to Queen. Though this is a quick read, the combinations are many. And, while encounters may be brief, the reader comes away with a good grasp of personalities.

Of course, fated mate to fated mate is the best interaction of the story. The initial disbelief, followed by doubt, longing and resignation are spot on. Nadira is very “likable.” She is a true princess, but she doesn’t rest on her royal lineage. She has an innate need (and ability) to help others. Nadira also convinces one of her brothers to train her to fight as a Dark Shadow…which will SO come in handy! No whining or crying from this princess. While she knows her place in the family, she does NOT hesitate to speak her mind or follow her heart. Zac – a good man and a good cop…blindsided by love…literally. What’s not to love about him? The anti-human Olarus should have known early on there was something special about him. The scene in the bedroom after he is “healed” is priceless!

Sodan and Xalak Magnus – UGH! I’d like to kill them myself! (Violent, much? LOL!) What are those evil Necromancers up to?

Extremely satisfying read that leaves you wanting a little bit more…like book 2 – “Toma!


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