Monday Musings: Do Unto Others by Author LaQuette

Musings of A Romance Junkie

Happy Monday, y’all! I rarely equate happy and Monday unless it’s a holiday, lol, and as such, I have a guest blogger today. Not only is she an accomplished author, but I also consider her a friend. There was a little author/reader exchange a couple of weeks ago in regards to authors who write across genres and whether or not they should disclose to their core readership that their newest release goes “against the grain” so to speak. All I can say is it got pretty ugly at times. As an author, LaQuette felt very strongly about this and asked if she could speak on it, and you know me-I don’t shy away from controversy in the least. I embrace it because sometimes, we need to talk about the uncomfortable shit just as much as we do about the  feelgood shit too. So without further ado, I present, LaQuette and

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