New release – “I Love Me Some Him!”

I Love Me Some Him

“I Love Me Some Him: A BWWM Interracial Romance”

by Roxy Wilson writing as Shari Michaels


Faye Bostic knows that not everyone approves of her position as editor-in-chief of Missy magazine. She has to stay strong, even if it makes people think she’s hard-hearted … but when she hires Dalton Cartwright, her sexy young intern makes her feel anything but cold.

Dalton admires his take-charge, independent boss. Like her, he wants to earn his own success. But her beauty makes him want impossible, forbidden things that fire his fantasies.

Temptation is a constant battle; until the night they finally give in to their desires. Their forbidden relationship quickly becomes a target for everyone who’d like to pull Faye down. She and Dalton are up against jealous rivals, a press hungry for scandal — and their own secrets.


Faye pulled her Jetta into the parking garage and looked around for the old Civic she knew Dalton drove. It was six in the morning, and this would be the third time they were about to have a secret rendezvous. The sun had just come up, and the garage was still pretty dark. She’d worn a short, black and white striped skirt for easy access. She didn’t know what it was about Dalton that made her crave him constantly, but her body was awake for the first time in a long while.

What had she been missing while obsessing about work?

She passed his car on the way inside the building relieved and yet feeling wired knowing he would be in her office, waiting for her. She’d texted him the night before and told him to be waiting for her in her locked office, blindfolded and completely naked.

Goodness! She knew she was risking her job by sleeping with an intern. Maybe she would end it after today—maybe she would make this moment so mind-blowing she would be fully sated and wouldn’t need any more. Maybe…

She hurried pass security, a janitor, and one or two people already working. But they seemed so tired and out of it, they wouldn’t notice anything. She was the only one crazy enough to be there this early and wanted to be. She unlocked the door and stepped into her office, trying to act natural, as she relocked the door behind her and let all the blinds down. There was a bit of light peeking in through the window at the back, so she could just make out Dalton sitting in her office chair.

Faye stood there for a moment, admiring his muscular body. It was really a waste that he was a good writer. He could easily be making thousands, maybe millions, working for Calvin Klein. She kicked off her flats and approached him slowly, hiking her skirt up in preparation. His eyes were covered, so she couldn’t tell if he knew she was there yet. But she watched a smile spread across his face as she reached down and ran the tips of her nails up and down his shaft.

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