Review – “A Soldier’s Promise”

A Soldiers Promise

“A Soldier’s Promise” by Tory Richards

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4/5 Stars!

Happy, Hot Holidays!

Facing the first holiday season alone since her husband was killed in Iraq. Shannon Hayes looks forward to spending the time with his large family. Growing up in an orphanage is a distant memory now that she is a part of the Hayes clan. They have always been kind and loving towards her. Well, everyone except Ryan Hayes. He hasn’t mistreated Shannon, but the quiet, seldom seen Marine keeps his distance.

Shortly after Shannon arrives at the Hayes family home, Ryan surprises them all with his unannounced arrival. The tension is amped up and the heat sizzles as Shannon struggles to understand him while dealing with guilt at being attracted to her brother-in-law. Ryan has a boatload of his own guilt that explodes when he shows Shannon exactly how he feels about her. Smexy times! Smexy times! Guilt returns and wins though when Ryan disappears and Shannon is left dazed and confused, and blaming herself. Would she and Ryan ever even be friends?

The Hayes family are great supporting characters to the story – loving, fun and snarky, and matriarch Marsha is simply awesome. Will Shannon listen to her wise counsel? Will Ryan keep the promise he made to his brother?

This was a fun holiday read that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. Good characters and great plot development. Part of me thinks Shannon may have been a bit too pushy, but the other part of me says it simply isn’t necessary for a woman to wait on a man to make a move! End of story! LOL! 1-click this one today!

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