Finished…. Forbidden Fruit[VIDEO] How To Make A Short Story Longer #amwriting #MotownWriters + Winning Cover

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ForbiddenFruit20152015 was all about finishing things. There were a lot of unfinished projects in my catalogue that needed to get done.

The last project to finish in 2015 was Forbidden Fruit: If I was your Woman.

I wrote this for a contest a while ago. It was only about 1500 words. (I thought it was 2500 in the video. )

In the video I mentioned I would give you links to who I used to help me get this job done.

In order to get everythign completed, with great delivery time, I spent a total of $50 (Including extra cover stock photo)

Not bad for a very professional looking revision.

In all it took 30 days to complete this entire project and I’m pretty proud of myself.

If there are other questions about Forbidden Fruit and the creative process, please go ahead and asked.

I’ll also use this post…

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