Review – “Long Time Coming (Hot Rods Book 8)” by Jayne Rylon


Long Time Coming

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5/5 Stars!


Tom London and Wilhelmina “Willie” Brown are friends brought together by circumstance. Willie’s two daughters have married Tom’s sons. But could there be more between the two lonely middle-age single parents?

Both lost their spouses – Tom’s wife died soon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, and Willie lost her husband in a tragic accident. After more than 20 years, Willie is ready to admit she’s met a man she’s attracted to and interested in.  Tom feels the same way, but can they each let go of the past and find a future together?

Willie’s life has not been an easy one. Her hometown disapproved of her interracial marriage. After numerous threats, and with questions surrounding her husband’s death, she grabs her two girls and leaves town soon after the accident. Many times homeless and struggling to get by leaves Willie suffering with migraines and anxiety that medication only partly helps.  She only truly begins to feel settled when her girls take up with the Hot Rods – seven young men and their father/foster father.

Tom’s late wife had been the love of his life. Her death devastated him. He kept her memory alive by doing what she loved – helping others – and that’s what led him to take in the troubled youth who he would come to love as much as his own son.

The two mature adults finally open themselves up to the possibility of a future together when Willie’s world is suddenly rocked by a devastating truth about her late husband’s death. I wanted to literally stand up and applaud the author for the revealing scene! The situation could have gone in a few different directions, but kudos to the author for not “going there”, creating angst just for the sake of angst. I feel the author showed us…and let Willie show us…that she was not as broken and much more intelligent than she believed. IMHO, this is the best scene in the entire story because it is the one where Willie and Tom show the most clarity.

As everyone tries to move on in spite of the recent events, Willie is once again caught off guard with troubling news. My heart broke for her. While I do not agree with how she handled it in the beginning, I understand. It was the “logical” choice considering the history of the man she had come to love.

Willie raised some pretty sharp girls, and it doesn’t show more than during their talk with Tom. The pace and scenarios that followed were perfect and felt very real.

I cannot remember how I stumbled across this great read, but I’m sure it was in one of my never-ending searches for romances involving older couples. The author highlights their wisdom as parents, their mutual respect as friends, and their flaws, which are all what pull this read together. It also shows that aging does not mean less sex or lack of sexuality. Go Willie and Tom! (YAAAY!)

While the Hot Rods series is not something I would usually choose to read, the author weaves the young people into Willie and Tom’s story so well, I feel I need to know their stories and how this group came to be friends, spouses and family.

I cannot tell you where to start in the series, just make sure you do not miss THIS one!

Review – “Assure Her” by Thia Finn

Assure Her

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5/5 Stars!

A Virtuoso!

I would never have chosen this book had I known the “heroine” was only 21…and I would have missed out on an utterly FANTASTIC story!

Chandler Chatam has lead a pampered…and sheltered life. She’s finished school and is returning to her hometown of Austin, Texas determined to live HER life on HER own terms. First up – getting her own place. Next, auditioning for a temporary spot with a rock band, Assured Distraction.

WHAT? Young, naive Chandler?

Believe it! She is nervous and a bit leery, but she wins the position…and goes on the road with the band! I loved how the author allowed Chandler’s inexperience to help, instead of hinder her. She makes a misstep here and there, but who doesn’t? What I also loved is how she kept moving forward. She is judged on her appearance and for being the newbie, but time and time again, she allows the confidence that has brought her this far to break out and guide her. She stands up for herself and slowly becomes ‘a member of the band.’

Of course, the band takes notice. Especially Keeton “KeeMac” MacDonald, lead vocals and lead guitar of the group. He’s intrigued by Chandler and wants to get to know her better…but enough to change his one and done manwhorish ways? I loved Keeton! Not only was Chandler a mystery to him – he was a mystery to himself! The Tinman – whatever! LOL!  His internal thoughts and self-revelations were so honest! Even with the asshat move he pulled at an after party. He was perfectly flawed, and did not try to hide it or make excuses. And that goes for all the characters in this story. Bandmates Ryan, Carter, Gunner, band manager Cash, PA Peri, and even Ryan’s girlfriend, Krissy. Okay, Krissy was a bit annoying, but not over the top. LOL!

But, it’s Chandler’s story and she endures. She experiences more love, heartbreak, tragedy and then more heartbreak in two months than most people do their entire lives. But not once does Chandler refuse to deal with the situation. I loved her strength! Calling this young woman sassy or feisty would be an insult. Chandler had balls!

There are steamy hot sex scenes, but they are SO much a part of the full story, even the skanky groupie scene. (Did I just type that? LOL!) There are a few minor typos, but they do not hinder the story’s flow.

The story is intense, and the story within the story is even more intense, but it is so well written! I was given a copy of “Assure Her” in exchange for an honest review, but by 47% into the story, I went to Amazon and purchased it! Ryan’s (and Krissy…oh gawd – do not miss the excerpt in the back of the book) story is up next in book two, and I cannot wait!