Love is blind until it’s too late. Blindsight Pt2 by Adriane Leigh #erotica #serial

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She and I were far from chance.

Our first meeting orchestrated.

Our forever ill-fated.

Because I’m her enemy.

I’m her savior.

I’m her nightmare Romeo.

She’ll thank me at the end of this, and if she doesn’t, I’ll force her to beg.

*Blindsight is intended for a mature audience only due to graphic sex, violence, and language.

Book Three will release early January 2016.

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Blindsight # 1

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Sometimes a single touch is all it takes to spark a wildfire.

Erin Warner learned that the day she bumped into the dashing, tattooed stranger on a busy Chicago street corner. She’s captivated from the moment his mystifying green eyes find hers, and it isn’t long before she finds herself flying to exotic locales to assist him, the award-winning erotic photographer Hunter Ellis, on location. What she didn’t bargain…

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