Review – “Wrapped in Red” by Mika Jolie

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5/5 Christmas Bells!

Christmas Magic!

A beautiful heartfelt story, and a perfect continuation/revisiting of our first and favorite Martha’s Way couple – Minka and Jason.

The holidays are approaching and Minka is struggling and feeling inadequate. While in true Minka-fashion, she’s in denial, wise counsel from a friend and common sense lead Minka down the right path. While we got the HEA in “The Scale”, WIR reminds us that HEAs take work to be maintained. Even though she’s a wife and mother, Minka is still a work-in-progress, as is her marriage.

Jason is perfect (of course he is), and not just because he is Jason (although that is enough), but because once Minka admits her issues to him, he is down for whatever. Minka doesn’t have a problem, THEY have a problem. Excellent!

The timing of Minka’s condition coinciding with Christmas, gives us that bit of Christmas magic we grew up with, and reminds us that during the holidays, anything is possible. Kudos to the author for giving realistic depth to Minka’s condition.

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