Have you reviewed all the books you’ve read by @SylviaHubbard1? #amreview #romancereaders #SneakReaders

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

ScorpionPetting-LianaBrooks-v2-600Yeah, we know it’s a lot of them.

Yet, reviews help me help you.

I know you’re asking, “well how does it help me? I’m just a reader.”

Yet, you leave a lot of complaints on when I’m coming with the next book or can’t I write faster.

More reviews help me sell more books and more books mean more money which then I can relax about the bills and providing for the kids.

reviewpleaseRelaxing means I can think more of things I like… like stories. Lots of stories and fun characters and then…

I write. I have more time so I don’t have to work as hard, because you helped me sell books to pay those bills.

So in return, you get more books to read.

Easy peasy, right?

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