Review – “Moments in Maplesville Bundle Edition” by Farrah Rochon

Moments in Maplesville

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5/5 Stars!

I love a story that makes me smile long after I’ve finished it, and that’s exactly what happened with both of these awesome romances.
“A Perfect Holiday Fling” could definitely become a Christmas favorite…or I could read it in the middle of June! LOL! Even though there’s no snow, the author’s detailed descriptions put you right into the moment of a Louisiana holiday season. I also get a sense of “rebirth” – Callie letting go of her fears; Stefan finding a new career, Jacob beginning to “be a kid” again…and even Sandy! There’s also a Christmas miracle feel here with Callie and Stefan not following through with their original plans, but still getting something they didn’t even know they wanted…or needed.

Jada and Mason…aw lawd! Counseling for two, please! I loved how they came together, but loved their feud even more! The sex toy angle was perfect – not overplayed…or ignored…just enough for the two of them to be “A Little Bit Naughty.” Mason’s confession about how he’d felt about Jada all these years had me tearing up, and when she took him fishing, I had to grab the tissues. (I’m thinking this series needs a book 2.5 – “Murder in Maplesville” – Eric, Adrian and Garrett so deserve it!)

Someone asked the question just the other day “What do you want to see more in Romance novels?” I answered…Romance. It’s ironic that I sat down and read this double book set not long after that. Callie and Stefan walking down the street holding hands and taking in the holiday sights; Jada and Mason fishing…things people in love do with or for the people they love.

Add that to good writing and character and plot development, and you cannot go wrong with these two amazing stories. 1-click them now! (I’ve already read book 3 and book 4 is queued on the Kindle – I’m hooked!)


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