Review – “Ride It Out” by Aden Lowe and Ashley Wheels


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3/5 Stars

In “Ride It Out”, we have a H/h who are BOTH physically challenged, and their frustrations and obstacles are deftly portrayed without being preachy. People with disabilities are too often labeled, categorized…and invisible. This story shows what thinking, compassionate folks have always known – they’re no different than anyone else.

Because of that, I wanted to love this story and cheer on Blake and Anne, but I never quite connected with either of them. I didn’t feel the awe of new love, especially for sheltered virgin Anne. I didn’t feel that connecting of souls when two people realize they’ve found their “one.” For me, the story moved too fast and felt forced…and convenient. Anne is fighting for her independence from her loving, but extremely overprotective family who refuse to allow her to grow. Blake is searching for the man he was before the accident, and is determined to remain an asset to his MC, who are also a bit too quick to try to remove his physical obstacles. But when Blake tells Anne about his accident, she tells him, “I’m sorry, but not sorry. You wouldn’t have noticed me, or considered talking to me before that happened.” While Blake did not verbally respond, he admitted to himself she was right. I had to slam the Kindle shut behind that, and say, “Wait, what?” But now because YOU are in a wheelchair too, she’s simply the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on? *Credibility brick launched at Blake*

I also would have liked more of a sense of urgency with the hurricane…because, it’s…you know…a HURRICANE. They were telling people to evacuate, but Anne refused to leave her chair. Again, I was rolling my eyes. I more than understand that for some, the chair is the difference between independence and depending on someone else for assistance, but she’s in a tiny cottage on the beach and a hurricane is heading straight for them – this should not have been a hard decision because hurricanes come with a couple of things called death and destruction. *Credibility brick launched at Anne*

I was glad that Blake and Anne got their HEA and I was thrilled it was not immediate. I loved seeing time given for not only Blake and Anne to get to know each other better, but also for family and friends to get acquainted too. I’ll bet future barbecues mixing the bikers and the suburbanites are a hoot! LOL!

I DO recommend this story. Books and the journeys they take us on are personal experiences, and where I didn’t connect with certain aspects of the story, I more than sure others will.


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