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Chasing Day Series Dark

Nothing says I trust you and I respect you as a blogger more than an author who is willing to share their “bun in the oven” with you. Twyla Turner is one of my all-around favorite authors and people, so when she asked if I wanted an “exclusive”, I said HELLZ YEAH! So without further ado, meet

Chasing Day CoverHow crazy, sexy, cool is this cover?! Look at them hips and cheeks rounding out the cello!


Catching Day Cover

Ab-solutely freakin’ hot!!!!

Chasing Day and Catching Day will be released simultaneously (date TBA soon) as a limited edition box set. I love it! No waiting forever for the follow up. Score! (I made a pun.) Check out the blurb, then make sure you follow my Facebook page for pre-order links and release announcements.



Daylen Daniels and Chase McCoy are as different as they come. Chase is the captain of the football team…

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Review – “Moments in Maplesville Bundle Edition” by Farrah Rochon

Moments in Maplesville

Amazon     Goodreads

5/5 Stars!

I love a story that makes me smile long after I’ve finished it, and that’s exactly what happened with both of these awesome romances.
“A Perfect Holiday Fling” could definitely become a Christmas favorite…or I could read it in the middle of June! LOL! Even though there’s no snow, the author’s detailed descriptions put you right into the moment of a Louisiana holiday season. I also get a sense of “rebirth” – Callie letting go of her fears; Stefan finding a new career, Jacob beginning to “be a kid” again…and even Sandy! There’s also a Christmas miracle feel here with Callie and Stefan not following through with their original plans, but still getting something they didn’t even know they wanted…or needed.

Jada and Mason…aw lawd! Counseling for two, please! I loved how they came together, but loved their feud even more! The sex toy angle was perfect – not overplayed…or ignored…just enough for the two of them to be “A Little Bit Naughty.” Mason’s confession about how he’d felt about Jada all these years had me tearing up, and when she took him fishing, I had to grab the tissues. (I’m thinking this series needs a book 2.5 – “Murder in Maplesville” – Eric, Adrian and Garrett so deserve it!)

Someone asked the question just the other day “What do you want to see more in Romance novels?” I answered…Romance. It’s ironic that I sat down and read this double book set not long after that. Callie and Stefan walking down the street holding hands and taking in the holiday sights; Jada and Mason fishing…things people in love do with or for the people they love.

Add that to good writing and character and plot development, and you cannot go wrong with these two amazing stories. 1-click them now! (I’ve already read book 3 and book 4 is queued on the Kindle – I’m hooked!)


Winter Masquerade Ball!

Winter Masquerade Ball

We’re happy to announce Ocean 2 Ocean’s first annual Winter Romance Hop/Tour and kick-off party for authors, bloggers, and author service providers!

The hop/tour will start on December 11th with a kick-off party on Facebook from 1PM – 7PM EST, and continue with the blog tour through December 14th. Our goal is to give away over $200 in prizes. While giveaways are not required for individual blogs, we highly suggest giving away e-books, swag, gift cards (GC’s), etc. The Facebook event will remain open throughout the tour. Participants will receive the following:

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The “Ocean 2 Ocean Winter Romance Tour” banner above should be placed in a prominent spot on your blog prior to the tour (link back to, and at the top of your blog post so readers can easily recognize yours as a tour stop. To participate, complete THIS FORM -> – and send $10 Paypal donation to ocean2ocean7(at)gmail(dot)com.

Putting others needs before his own was all he’d ever done. Out Of The Blue @CarinaAwrites OUT NOW

Sexy Romance Novels

Blue cover

*This book is #2 in the ‘Bama Boys series. While it can be read as a standalone, it is a continuation of book #1 and is meant to be read after Forever Red.*

Putting others needs before his own was all Mike Carson had ever done.

First, it was the friends he loved more than family. Then it was his country. By nineteen, he was a father, a husband and fighting in a war not many people believed in. After an accident ended his career and his life fell apart, he filled his days keeping screaming fans from reaching the most famous country rock star in the world. And, pining after a woman who would never love him.
Then, everything changed.

He thought he could handle anything that was thrown his way. He thought running my security detail would be the easiest job he’d ever had. He thought he’d be…

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#NEWRELEASE He’s Captured My Soul by Karen Frances #Romance @karenfrances12

Sexy Romance Novels

Title: He’s Captured My Soul
Author : Karen Frances

Genre: Romance

Libby Stewart has everything she could possibly dream of, and more. She has the job she has always dreamed of, she is the manger of Stewart Hotel and Country Estate. A hotel on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. She has a close relationship with her family. The relationship she shares with her twin brother Ethan and his daughter, is extra special because of the loss they have suffered.
She also has the man of her wildest dreams. Never in a million years did Libby see herself falling so quickly for a man again. But she fell hard for Alexander Mathews, the arrogant, yet sexy American businessman.
They connect on all levels. They have passion and chemistry that is off the charts. But has their relationship moved too fast?

Just when Libby thinks there is nothing to stand in…

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Review – “Ride It Out” by Aden Lowe and Ashley Wheels


Amazon          Goodreads

3/5 Stars

In “Ride It Out”, we have a H/h who are BOTH physically challenged, and their frustrations and obstacles are deftly portrayed without being preachy. People with disabilities are too often labeled, categorized…and invisible. This story shows what thinking, compassionate folks have always known – they’re no different than anyone else.

Because of that, I wanted to love this story and cheer on Blake and Anne, but I never quite connected with either of them. I didn’t feel the awe of new love, especially for sheltered virgin Anne. I didn’t feel that connecting of souls when two people realize they’ve found their “one.” For me, the story moved too fast and felt forced…and convenient. Anne is fighting for her independence from her loving, but extremely overprotective family who refuse to allow her to grow. Blake is searching for the man he was before the accident, and is determined to remain an asset to his MC, who are also a bit too quick to try to remove his physical obstacles. But when Blake tells Anne about his accident, she tells him, “I’m sorry, but not sorry. You wouldn’t have noticed me, or considered talking to me before that happened.” While Blake did not verbally respond, he admitted to himself she was right. I had to slam the Kindle shut behind that, and say, “Wait, what?” But now because YOU are in a wheelchair too, she’s simply the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on? *Credibility brick launched at Blake*

I also would have liked more of a sense of urgency with the hurricane…because, it’s…you know…a HURRICANE. They were telling people to evacuate, but Anne refused to leave her chair. Again, I was rolling my eyes. I more than understand that for some, the chair is the difference between independence and depending on someone else for assistance, but she’s in a tiny cottage on the beach and a hurricane is heading straight for them – this should not have been a hard decision because hurricanes come with a couple of things called death and destruction. *Credibility brick launched at Anne*

I was glad that Blake and Anne got their HEA and I was thrilled it was not immediate. I loved seeing time given for not only Blake and Anne to get to know each other better, but also for family and friends to get acquainted too. I’ll bet future barbecues mixing the bikers and the suburbanites are a hoot! LOL!

I DO recommend this story. Books and the journeys they take us on are personal experiences, and where I didn’t connect with certain aspects of the story, I more than sure others will.


Review – “Calm Assurance, Orlosian Warriors Book 1” by Dariel Raye


Amazon     Goodreads

5/5 Stars!

Destiny and Fate meet Strength and Passion and meld into a first-rate read!

All Malina Tarver wants is a normal life. Since long before she lost her adoptive parents, she’s always been in some kind of trouble. Not one to follow rules, Malina drifts from job to job, surviving with help from her two older brothers. Tired of being the family screw-up, Malina is determined to make her latest job work…if she can just avoid her boss’ creepy, married son and not get attacked again by those shadowy demon-things. All she wants is to be able to take care of herself…and get her Nana out of that horrid nursing home.

Orlosian warrior Asriel cannot be bothered…with anything. He’s feeling disoriented and unfocused and he needs to find out why. He has no time to be sent to Earth to babysit a HUMAN, of all things. And besides, the last time he was on Earth, there was that…thing…and it cost a lot of lives. He’s in no hurry for a replay. However, the Council has spoken and Asriel is indeed sent to Earth to watch over Malina until she makes contact with a mystery man.

As Asriel arrives to Earth, Malina is harassed by her boss’ son, attacked by demons…and finds a puppy…all in the same evening! She also senses Asriel’s presence – something she shouldn’t be able to do. Asriel is also puzzled as he is helplessly drawn to the human female – something else that has never happened before.

Calm Assurance contains several mysteries and many secrets. Who is Asriel and where is he from? Why are demons after Malina? Who pulled a teenage Malina from her burning home? Who was Malina’s father, and what is her grandmother hiding? Who is Joseph Ward and what does the Council want with him? And…who/what is Malina?

Malina and Asriel have to work together to figure out her significance to the Council, and it will not be easy. The closer Malina gets to Asriel, the more he pulls away. To be with her means he’ll become one of the Fallen, and the only way he can survive…is to drink her blood.

Tightly written, detailed story that draws you right in! Asriel is the consummate alpha male – without all the arrogance and chest beating. #TeamAsriel Malina is a jewel! Strong and determined, she has no time for tears, whining or running. She wants to know who she is…and what she is. And she wants Asriel. A must read for all paranormal lovers, especially fans of Nephilims.

Bring on book 2!